There is a new HOH in the Big Brother house and there has also been some drama. If you have missed out on the Big Brother spoilers, you can find out who won last night’s HOH right here and read what happened on the live feeds afterwards right here!

Sam has told a couple people that she wasn’t putting them up this week, but wouldn’t mention what her plan was for her nominations. She told everyone that she wasn’t holding one on ones because she didn’t want everyone kissing her rear and she told everyone that the HOH room his hers and no one is allowed in there unless she invites them.

All day we have been waiting to find out who Sam was nominating this week and now we have the answer to that! The feeds were down for just under two hours and we found out who the noms and HNs were for the week. The HNs this week are Bayleigh, Kaycee, Rachel, and Scottie and the nominations are:

  • Kaitlyn
  • Haleigh

According to the chatter in the house when the feeds came back, Sam mentioned something about women empowerment when nominating Kaitlyn and Haleigh. Angela said that it probably had something to do with Haleigh and Kaitlyn going from guy to guy in the house and playing with all their emotions.

Keep in mind that whoever is evicted this week will be given the chance to re-enter the game because Sam’s Power App is automatically used this week. This is not a guaranteed re-entry either. The evictee will have to earn their way back in. The key is, evict someone you don’t think can win a comp to get back in.

Which of these nominees do you think fit that criteria? We have the POV happening tomorrow and we will have a better idea of whether there will be a renom situation come Monday. Stay tuned!

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