It is time for me to tell you all which Big Brother 20 HG won the Power of Veto for week 5! Was it the HOH? Was it one of the nominees? Or was it one of the POV players picked at random? Find out right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Bayleigh put Brett and Rachel on the block together after telling Rachel all about her Power App. Most of us are pretty confused by this move, but I am pretty interested to see it play out.

Bayleigh told Rachel that if the POV was used this week, Scottie would be the renom choice. Is their a chance that one of the noms will be saved?

The POV Winner for Week 5 is…

  • Tyler

Do you think that he will use the POV to take Rachel or Brett off the block? Bayleigh tells Haleigh that she hopes that Tyler sticks to his word and doesn’t use the Veto this week. I guess we will see how things play out over the next couple days. POV Ceremony happens Monday, so we will know soon enough!

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