We begin tonight on Big Brother 2013 with four HouseGuests, but when the hour is done we will have the Final 3 set for Big Brother 15 and the first Head of Household endurance competition will be taking place! It’s crazy to think we are down to the Final 3 on Big Brother 2013, but it is here and time to make it through one more week before finding out the winner of Big Brother 15! Watch it with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who got evicted on Big Brother 2013 tonight!

Big Brother 15 Spoilers - Final 4 Eviction

It was a special eviction night last night on Big Brother 2013 and Judd found himself walking through those doors one more time and sitting down with Big Brother 2013 host Julie Chen. Whether he made a stupid game move or not when he joined The Exterminators, that interview with Julie was so funny and entertaining and made me remember how entertaining he has been all season!

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We also saw Andy win Head of Household (ugh) and tonight we get to see his nominees and the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, which have been shared with you on my Big Brother 2013 spoilersThe vote then happens and then a new endurance competition for HoH begins. This is the first part in a three-part HoH competition for the Final 3, so we might have a long night ahead of us on the Live Feeds!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we will see the jury house footage and drama in there!!! HGs sitting there and everyone looks nervous, but Andy yawns! Yeah, he has nothing to worry about!

McCrae is upset he didn’t win HoH and just wants to play Veto. He goes in Diary Room and The Exterminators talk and McCrae is the target. This Nomination Ceremony means nothing because the Veto is all that matters. Why is Andy freaking out about it? GinaMarie is safe, so Spencer and McCrae are on the block. Andy said it is all about the veto and everyone play their ass off.

Spencer thinks there might be more between Andy and GM since he put him up instead of her, so it could cause some drama between The Exterminators and jury house coverage coming next!

Are these ladies getting along in the jury house? Helen said she came in bitter, but feels better after exercising and doing some painting. Aaryn comes in and apologizes for the things she said and did this season to Candice and Helen. She seems sincere and makes me not mind her so much. Amanda comes in and they are shocked and Jessie is glad! She spills the dirt on Andy. Now Elissa joins them and they seem to be playing nice! Amanda said McCrae is stupid for putting her on the block and returns the wedding ring. It seems like everything is going good, but Judd joins them soon and then things get crazy on Big Brother 2013!

Back to the jury house and here comes Judd. They watch the video from Judd and it is going to bring some fireworks! Elissa starts some fireworks by saying that GinaMarie would have all their support in jury. Now it is a battle of who was the bigger floater of the final four. Amanda is defending her man, but none of them are having it! Aaryn said she thought Amanda would be different outside of the Big Brother 2013 house, but she is worse!

Power of Veto Competition: they have spiderweb puzzles and have these clues to match with old HGs. There are some with multiple answers, but they all have to correspond to make the puzzle correct. If they get it wrong when buzzing in, then they lose all their pieces and must start over. McCrae finishes first and tries, but he is not 100% correct and the pieces fall. Andy finishes and buzzes in and he is 100% correct and wins Veto! Does anyone else get annoyed when he wins and does the fist pump, stiff body thing?

Andy and Spencer talk and he says he hates blindsiding people. Spencer said GM has been honest and played a good social game and might beat them both. Spencer is wanting to get rid of her! Now Spencer talks with McCrae and talks about getting rid of GM again. Is he serious? McCrae is trying to work Andy now to get rid of GM, but will his speech work?

Veto Meeting: Andy says he loves them both and chooses not to use the Power of Veto, so the nominees stay the same!

That means GM is casting the only vote tonight. McCrae and Spencer give their final plea and it seems known that McCrae will be going home. GM stands up to vote and she says they all love McCrae, but she chooses to evict him!

He goes to talk to Julie Chen and they show a clip of The Exterminators outing themselves to him before the eviction show. They outed it all, but why do they do this to themselves? He is going to jury and going to tell them all. Does Andy think this will help his game? McCrae said if Amanda would have left earlier he could have seen this alliance forming and the relationship crippled him. He thinks Amanda is awesome and maybe things will be different out there and he doesn’t know. He wishes he would of distanced himself from Amanda more, but not sure what everyone saw.

Julie now talks to The Exterminators and asks why they told McCrae and Andy said they respected him and didn’t think it would hurt their game. One more eviction to go and Julie tells them they have to turn on themselves! The new HoH competition should start tonight for Part 1, so I will keep you posted.

For the finale, Dr. Will will confront the jury and we see never-before-seen footage on Sunday! What do you all think of tonight?

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