The time has come on Big Brother 2013 again: another Double Eviction night on CBS for Big Brother 15 and this one should bring some big bangs from these HouseGuests! They are all anticipating the DE night, but what happens depends so much on how that first Head of Household competition plays out. It seems like we know who is going home with the first live vote on Big Brother 2013, but you just never know with how some of these HGs have been acting this week! Check out my Big Brother 2013 predictions below to see how I think it will play out!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 10 Nominations

We got to see some more of the action last night on Big Brother 2013 and we got to see the final nominees for Week 10: Amanda Zuckerman and Spencer Clawson. It appears that Spencer is on the block for the seventh time and a pawn yet again! What would these HGs do if they actually voted out Spencer. Who go up as a pawn???

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Elissa has gone nuts this week and appears to be working with Amanda, but is it legit or producer-driven? I think production had a say in this and Elissa is doing it to make them happy, but I doubt she will vote for Spencer. I think she is messing with Amanda and trying to out Andy at the same time. It has, however, seemed to hurt her game and if she doesn’t win HoH tonight, then she may be walking out those doors behind Amanda.

Summing it up: Amanda goes home first and the HoH determines who goes home second.

Who do you think is going home tonight?

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