With the house flip-flopping right now between evicting Aaryn or Kaitlin this week on Big Brother 2013, it seems like things have calmed down a little bit (besides Amanda constantly talking about getting rid of Howard). We could expect as blindside again on Big Brother 15, as the house appears to think Aaryn will go, but other HouseGuests have different plans in the works! Let’s take a moment and look at the showmances on Big Brother 15 and vote in our poll below on the best showmances of the season in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers.

Big Brother 2013 Live Recap - Episode 9

Of the 16 new HGs this season, it appears that 14 of them have managed their way into a showmance (or so they thought). Now let’s see which one of the showmances this season you enjoy the most. Some started strong and we thought it was cute (Amanda and McCrae), but as the season goes on they get more and more annoying. Some were annoying from the beginning of Big Brother 2013 (Aaryn & David and Kaitlin & Jeremy).

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So, tell me who you think has had the best showmance of Big Brother 2013. Even though it is kind of new and kind of not officially a showmance, I am voting for Jessie and Judd. Not all the drama of the other showmances and I like both of them and I have forgotten about the Jessie that started the season wanting to be part of the pretty people gang! Vote here:

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