Big Brother 2013 started off with so much hope and promise and we all thought it would be a longer summer and a great season on Big Brother 15. What we were left with was one of the most controversial seasons and a lot of people anxiously wait for it to end or not even making it to the end to watch. It happens, but I have been providing videos of the interviews with Jeff Schroeder after the finale and now I am combining the last five into on Big Brother 2013 spoilers post.

Big Brother 2013 Live Recap - Episode 9

I found the season to be enjoyable, even though it was tough to cover at times. We had some characters that is for sure and here are the videos for the remaining five and links to the other videos:

Nick Uhas

Jessie Kowalski

Kaitlin Barnaby

Jeremy McGuire

David Girton

As far as the other videos, here are links to all my posts from today:

I hope you enjoyed them all. Some of them were very good and entertaining!

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