We had an endurance challenge last night on Big Brother 2013 for the Week 6 Head of Household Competition and did any of think that GinaMarie could actually win it? Well, she surprised us all and came out as the winner and is the HoH for Week 6! We now had a day to wait and see the HouseGuests squirm around to try and figure out who she needs to put up on the block because we all know that the actual HoH doesn’t call the shots in the Big Brother 15 house! Check out who GM put on the block in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - GinaMarie

While the Live Feeds after a live eviction show usually are all about game talk and who the nominees will be the next night, but not so much last night! Fights, fights and more fights and the lovely and amazing Amanda was part of them all. Remember when McCrae told her they need to lay low this week after the HoH competition???

See it all go down on the Live Feeds and for 30% less than last year!!!

The Nomination Ceremony was just held in the Big Brother 2013 house and the two nominees from the HoH for Week 6 are:

  •  Candice
  • Jessie

No big shocker on this Friday night. Candice is the main target and Jessie is up there as the pawn, but with her outbursts last night and fight with Amanda, she may be the target for Amanda and that turns into the target for the whole house, right? Tomorrow we find out who America voted the third nominee and I am praying Candice wins veto and screws up the whole plan!!!

What do you think of the nominees from GinaMarie on Big Brother 2013?

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