It may have been a Saturday yesterday, which means rest and relaxation for us, but it was not a day of rest for the HouseGuests in the Big Brother 15 house, as things continue to go back and forth and we have all the details in Big Brother 2013 spoilers from the Live Feeds yesterday! We had a Power of Veto Ceremony, some HGs make not-so-friendly comments and lots of alliances on Big Brother 2013 shifting….still!


You may have been relaxing on the weekend, but not the Big Brother 2013 cast and here are some of the highlights courtesy of Big Brother Network (pictures included):

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  • The big highlight of the day was the PoV Ceremony and what McCrae would do with it. We told you yesterday, but it looks like Candice was saved and as HoH his renom went to Elissa, but only to keep the house happy?
  • Aaryn is obsessed with David and he must follow everything that she says. He, weirdly enough, seems to be following her around like a little puppy. Being a nice guy, he put some sunscreen on Jessie while at the pool. Apparently a friend goes “wipe, wipe, wipe” and he did not do it that way….according to Aaryn. He did it for 30 seconds….the horror!
  • Jeremy felt the need to tell us all about how he slept with a 48-year-old when he was 18 years old and he banged one of his mom’s friends before coming on Big Brother 15. When the boat is a rockin’, just run away as fast as you can!!!!
  • David decided to go Full Monty for the cameras and we were a LITTLE disappointed (pun intended).
  • While the focus has been on getting rid of either David or Elissa, the talk shifted and maybe the house will be going after Jessie now?
  • Amanda is working this game and offered up a Final Four of herself, Andy, Spencer and McCrae. It is early on, but I don’t think I would mind that at all. How about you all? She is also trying to work it with Elissa, thinking she has the MVP wrapped up every week!
  • Elissa talks with Andy and confirms that she is the MVP and she is Rachel Reilly’s sister!
  • Aaryn is upset Candice bent her cowboy hat…the drama! Candice denies it and Aaryn acts like she is 12 years old.
  • Here are some of the girls acting like idiots (or bigots): Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie are not happy with Candice, so they try to come up with a plan to go after Jessie first since everyone hates Candice. Aaryn believes they have the numbers and since Kaitlin questioned the numbers, she is “retarded.” The lovely ladies then discuss Howard and Candice sticking together based on skin color! Aaryn ends the lovely conversation by talking about Helen and telling her to “shut up and go make some rice.” CBS has got to show this conversation!!!

From bigotry to PoV ceremonies, it was a filled day in the Big Brother 2013 house. Who is excited for a new episode tonight on CBS? Check out some photos to hold you over:

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