With only three HouseGuests remaining in the Big Brother 2013 house, I am taking a look at each of the HGs and giving reasons why they will or will not win Big Brother 15. I have stated before that this is not an endorsement for that HG, but just some opinions on why that certain HG should win or shouldn’t win. Today I am going to look at Spencer Clawson and see what his chances are for being named the winner of Big Brother 15. Check out my reasons in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Live Eviction #1

I’ll say it again: we may not like the Final 3 and we may think that none of them deserve the money, however, one of them will win the $500,000 and I am giving my thoughts on the situation…don’t be hating on me for what I say!

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Why Spencer will win Big Brother 2013:

  • This is a tough one, because even he seem to think he will come in second place at best.
  • He has done nothing in the game, so he has made no enemies on the jury.
  • He has been on the block eight times, a record for Big Brother, and he is still here in the Final 3

Why Spencer will not win Big Brother 2013:

  • Even though Andy and GinaMarie may have this Final 2 deal going, they all have Final 2 deals and we can’t count on that one as a sure thing.
  • He has done nothing in the game.
  • He won an HoH competition (when no one cared) and a Power of Veto competition, but nothing too spectacular to brag about to the jury.
  • Andy and GM have been stronger this season, with Andy working both sides of the house and GM winning the comps and getting rid of some of the big dogs in the house. How can he compete with that?

This was an easy one because no one truly thinks Spencer will win, so why try and defend him?? I’ll look at GinaMarie tomorrow and check out my thoughts on Andy here!

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