We should be in for a treat tonight on Big Brother 2014, just because it will be interesting to see how CBS edited the past few days in the Big Brother 16 house! The HGs have been quiet, but we have seen some action go down and I want to see how they show it all play out! Watch with me during my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap and see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 2014 tonight with us!

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If you have missed any of my Big Brother 2014 spoilersthen tonight will be a big surprise to you. All these events take place by Sunday in the Big Brother 2014 house and we just get to see them tonight on CBS! Last time on Big Brother 16, we saw how the first Battle of the Block competition worked and how the Nomination Ceremony would go with two Head of Households in play! We saw winners crowned and Caleb remain as HoH and Frankie lose his crown. That meant Donny and Paola remained on the block, but will that change tonight?

The fun continues on Big Brother 16, so follow along with my Big Brother 2014 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2014 Live Recap or see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the HGs are celebrating the first Battle of the Block and the champagne is being tossed around! Frankie is now worried that he could get backdoored, but Caleb is glad he is still HoH (until Amber takes over his mind). We see Donny get emotional while talking to Paola and seeing these “young kids” being so nice to him. Not gonna lie, but that brought a tear to my eye…how can you not love Donny???

Up in the HoH room and Caleb, Devin, Amber and Frankie chat and they think Donny is a beast and was strong in that competition and now they think he needs to go! Devin thinks his charm will win over the house….oh Devin, this is good stuff! Now Devin and Donny chat and more emotion from Donny and I am crying again….ugh! Devin is an ass and calling BS on it and thinks Donny is a good actor!

I am a fan of Christine and I hope she makes it far! Nicole is afraid of ghosts and she thinks the Fire Room is filled with ghosts and has a moment where she thinks she sees them. She is freaking out Christine, who said she wants to go to F2 with Nicole, but this could be a breaker because she needs some sleep in these 90 days! Too funny!

Now Caleb and Devin are convinced Donny is more than he actually is: a Navy Seal, Super Soldier, ex-military….they know he is more than a groundskeeper and he will be Target #1 for the Bomb Squad. Frankie thinks they are nuts! It still is getting to Devin, as he asks Donny about it at night and if Donny is telling the truth about his occupation. Devin’s heart is telling him that he is in the military, but Donny tells him that he is crazy. Donny said if he doesn’t trust him, he is still going to trust him and he is all he’s got. Donny is putting way too much trust in Devin, who is now getting emotional because he is screwing over a nice guy!

HAVE-NOTS: The HGs come out to the kitchen and see all the slop! Brittany, Joey, Hayden and Cody all volunteer! Why??? They have frozen slop, which is foreshadowing the Ice Room! They are sleeping on ice beds and emergency beds and ice everywhere! They all start with high hopes on Big Brother 16!

Joey now talks with Jocasta, Brittany, Amber and Paola. She wants an all-girl alliance, but none of them seem to want to do it. Jocasta thinks she is crazy for trying to get eight women to work together and Amber has the Bomb Squad and thinks Joey needs to go. Joey knows it was an epic fail and doesn’t know how women can get far in the game if they can’t work together. How would she know since she was recruited and has no clue how the game works? Derrick sees them all leave the bathroom and knows they are scheming!

Caleb asks Amber about it and she says Joey is trying to start an all-girl alliance on Big Brother 2014, but Amber is just sitting there and observing. Caleb said he knew another alliance would form, but not in his house!

Time to see the downfall of Joey on Big Brother 16, as she feels like an outsider. She feels Devin is being distant, so they go and play chess and she outs herself about trying to start an all-girl alliance! She said it is better to be honest. She clearly has never seen a Big Brother episode!

Players are picked for the Power of Veto competition. It will be Caleb, Donny and Paola and they each pick a chip for the other players, which are Victoria, Zach and Cody. Donny finally says he doesn’t trust Devin 100%, but it is better than nothing! Breakdown from Paola, as she is intimidated by the players picked and they won’t use it to save Donny. Jocasta saves her with prayer.

VETO COMPETITION: It is “Miami Lice” and they are all dressed in their fancy, 1980’s suits! The players will be diving through the pool and under ropes and brushes and dig through hair with lice to find letters. They can only bring back one letter at a time and the player that spells the longest word in the shortest amount of time will win veto!

Caleb said he graduated high school and spelling is easy for him, so this will be an easy win for him. Zach is hiding letters in the shampoo bottle to get to them easier. Caleb is trying to spell specialize, but can’t find a p. Donny is taking his sweet time, even though his time in the game is on the line!

Zach hits his buzzer first. The time runs out and here are the results:

  • Zach – Warning
  • Cody – Competively, not spelled correctly
  • Caleb – couldn’t find his “P”, so no word for him
  • Victoria – no “C” for her word, so she is out
  • Paopla – Caltoru, which she made up and is not a word
  • Donny – Splitters, which is correct and the longest word, so he wins Power of Veto!!!

Caleb and Frankie talk and since their #1 target won veto, they will now target Joey for trying to start an all-girl alliance. She sits down with them and said she is sorry and she failed. Caleb is so cocky….can I slap him??? She feels good about coming clean and think she will be safe….silly, silly girl! I guess we aren’t seeing the full meltdown of Joey and only a brief glimpse into it, as we have the Veto Meeting for Week 1 on Big Brother 2014!

VETO MEETING: Donny won Veto and is on the block, so he uses the Veto on himself. Caleb has to put up a new nominee and he names Joey, as he wants the least amount of blood on his hands and this is what the house wants.

So, your final nominees for Week 1 are Paola and Joey. What do you think?

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