The time is creeping up on us, but we will have the Big Brother 2014 premiere before we know it and now CBS has got us even more excited, as they have announced the return of the live feeds for Big Brother 16! No major details have been released yet, but get the details so far in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Live Feeds

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We all know that the Big Brother 16 premiere is set for June 25, another early start to our summer of fun! Big Brother host Julie Chen teased us with some possible Big Brother 16 spoilers and now CBS has confirmed that the Big Brother live feeds will be back for another season and CBS is in charge again. They will run the subscription services again for BB16 after breaking from Real’s SuperPass last year.

There are no details of costs or early bird specials yet, but CBS said that affiliates will get details in early May (which is coming up real soon everyone)!!! As soon as I know of anything, I will keep you all posted and we can get the ball rolling for another summer filled with Big Brother 2014!

And just a friendly request, but I would appreciate if you use this site’s links and banners when signing up for the Live Feeds. I will provide the information and banners once they are available. There is no extra charge for using the links and banners from this site, but CBS pays us a commission for the referral and that helps me get paid and working so hard to keep you updated on all the fun things happening in the Big Brother 2014 house!

So, who is pumped for the start of Big Brother 16????

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