Another Friday in the Big Brother 2014 house has passed us by and we had quite a bit of action take place. The HGs seem to have a plan in place for the main target for Week 3 on Big Brother 16, but like any other plan on Big Brother, it seems to be hitting a snag here and there and we could see Caleb going home this week over a backdoor of Devin! Paranoia is taking over on Big Brother 16, so check out the highlights below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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We had a lot of fish and Jeff Schroeder loops on the Big Brother Live Feeds yesterday. Not sure why, but the Nomination Ceremony had the feeds down for like 3 hours! Either way, we had a little shocker with the nominees as the feeds cut with Victoria being the second nominee for Nicole. However, the Week 3 nominees were announced and Victoria was not put up, but Donny was put up in her place! We all know that Caleb was supposed to throw the Battle of the Block competition and keep Amber safe for the week (Nicole’s other nominee), but it was scary seeing Donny on the block again.

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The reasoning for Donny: it appears that he is thinking the Bomb Squad is still in place and Nicole is working with them. He questioned Christine and some of the other BS members, so people are starting to get worried about Donny and where his alliances land. There was talk of him trying to flip the house before the vote to keep Paola also. Donny does not trust Derrick or Frankie, so Team America is not working well together. I am worried about Donny, as many people want him gone and soon!

For the Battle of the Block competition, not sure of what they had to do, but it looks like Caleb could not throw the competition based on what they had to do. Jocasta was not very good and they lost based on her. It turns out the competition got to her, as Jocasta was sick and throwing up afterwards and it could have been from heat exhaustion and dehydration, which is why she never leaves her room! Also, Nicole got a penalty of wearing a frog costume for the entire week (including the live show) because she was dethroned as HoH!

Besides that, it was pretty calm and everything rests in the hands of whoever wins the Power of Veto today! Then what they do with it at the Veto Meeting on Monday. As much as the plan is in play, people are starting to questions things and considering winning the veto and keeping Caleb on the block. Maybe taking Jocasta down and keeping Caleb as the target and Brittany has been mentioned a few times, especially since she is talking way too much to everyone and no one trusts her.

Stay tuned to today, as this Veto Competition and players is going to be huge!

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