The fun continues tonight on Big Brother 2014, as the second group of HouseGuests make their way into the Big Brother 16 house and then the real action begins! Who are these people and do the two different groups have any connection to each other? Will there be teams on Big Brother 16? Will we find out how the two Head of Households twist will work? We will find out who won Team America’s vote for Week 1, but we all know that is Frankie! Check out a sneak peek for Night 2 below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Season 16 House

Last night on Big Brother 16, we got a chance to meet the first eight HGs and see them explore the house and form three alliances in just one hour! Our first group consisted of Paola (annoying and reminds me of GinaMarie from last season), Donny (SuperFan, but no social game and could hurt him), Nicole (same as Donny), Devin (strong, but may be a player), Amber (I see her getting jealous of the other showmances that may happen before her), Cody (dreamy to look at and he could be a contender), Joey (love everything about her) and Frankie (thought I would hate him, but he shocked me and I like his personality). Frankie ended up winning the first HoH, but details to come on that all tonight!

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I want the two-night premiere to be done and the Live Feeds to start and see what is going on in that house already! This waiting is killing me and I need answers now! Check out a sneak peek at tonight on Big Brother 2014 here:

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