For the first time on Big Brother 2015, we don’t have a ton of ground to catch up on, as we have the Nominations Ceremony and Battle of the Block on Big Brother 17 tonight and this all happened on Thursday night/Friday morning after the live eviction show Thursday night! Yes, so we will have a lot of action, but not a week or two of action to cover in one hour. Check it out with us during my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap and see who won Battle of the Block on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

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Last time on Big Brother 17, things started with trying to catch us up on days full of drama in 20 minutes! It was insane the amount of stuff they left out, but in the end, we all knew Jace was going to get evicted and it happened. We also found the twins for the Twin Twist this season, which happens to be Liz and her twin sister Julia, who have switched four times so far this season! Then we had the BB Takeover with Kathy Griffin, who will be calling the house seven times this week and the person that answers the phone on the seventh call will be able to decide which three HGs vote that week at the eviction will be thrown out! That is kind of huge, right? Then we saw Shelli and Becky win HoH for Week 2 and now we pick up from there!

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The fun continues on Big Brother 17, so follow along with my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap below!!!


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Here we go…Becky said she likes Shelli, so is hoping for some alone time. Clay is happy Shelli is HoH (duh). He thinks Da’Vonne is not happy with them. Vanessa thinks the target is on Audrey’s back and now we flip back to a couple days ago and Audrey’s ship sinking and getting caught in all her lies. They show Audrey in the HoH room and telling them that Vanessa was at the forefront at it.

We see the big fight and Day calling her out on it. Audrey did say in Diary Room that people are connecting dots on her! After the eviction, Audrey said her back is up against the wall and now she is going to lay down and play dead. After the HoH competitions, Audrey winked and smiled at Day, so she figured she was going on the block, but said bring it and this is what she came here for.

Shelli and Becky get their HoH rooms and letters and CBS wants us to cry, but I have no connection with these ladies and I am with Day and not wanting to even be there!

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Becky and Shelli talk and they decide on Audrey being a backdoor target and need to find four pawns, like they did for Week 1. CBS decided to not show us that Audrey made racism allegations against Becky and that’s what made her want her out so bad.

Clay, Jeff and Meg are talking. Audrey comes in and said she has no one and she won’t go after anyone in the room. She wants to go after the people that are causing the troubles (Day). It works for Clay, as he goes to Shelli and said they need to go after Day. Now they need a pawn to go up with Day. They decide on John and Clay gives his word that he will be safe and he will sacrifice his own game to make sure that happens (remember that statement, as it will come up again later in the week). John doesn’t know why they always want him up as a pawn and said he doesn’t even play chess (love this man)!

We now get to hear Becky telling the story of getting hit by a train! She was out of work for eight weeks, but no reconstruction surgery needed. How is that possible? And this had to be pre-live feeds coverage and just catching us up.

NOMINATIONS CEREMONY – Everyone is all over the place on this one, but here we go! For Week 2 on Big Brother 2015, Shelli has nominated John and Da’Vonne. Becky’s nominations are Jason and Steve. Shelli said Day has given her no reason to trust her and is protecting her own game.

Afterwards, Day, Jason and James talk and James does not know how Audrey is not on the block. They say they are the targets because of blowing up on Audrey. Becky talks with Jason and Steve and said the backdoor plan is to go after Audrey. Becky still thinks that Shelli wants to backdoor Audrey.

Audrey tries to go talk to Shelli and Clay in the HoH room, but Shelli said she is not talking game tonight. Then we see Day talk to John and see that they are going to try 100% on the Battle of the Block and he said yes, but we get some wild Diary Rooms from him and he is so crazy, but I love him!

BATTLE OF THE BLOCK COMPETITION – For this competition, they will be camera operators for Kathy Griffin’s movie. They will be given a list of nine shots and have to make sure all nine cameras are showing those items and in the right order. To make it harder, they are combined into one uniform and will be doing it like a three-legged race.

Day decides to go around and open all of the cameras at one time and then go back and do the shots. John thinks this is the stupidest plan ever, so it’ll make it easy to throw it by going with her plan. Jason & Steve seem to be working two shots at a time, one on each camera. Day notices that John is doing nothing, so she knows he is throwing it and as to drag him around. This one isn’t even close, as Jason & Steve get them all done and Day & John get like three shots done!

So, Jason & Steve win BotB and are taken off the block and Becky is dethroned as HoH. That leaves Day and John on the block and Shelli as HoH. Becky thinks Audrey is still her target and she goes home and no blood on her hands, but Shelli is not following through on that plan!

So, what did you think of tonight’s episode?

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