We say goodbye to the twins tonight on Big Brother 2015, for now. Liz and Julia are on the block for Week 11 on Big Brother 17 and one of them will be joining the jury house tonight, but which one? Find out tonight during our Big Brother 2015 Live Recap and see who went home on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 11 Eviction Show Recap

Last night on Big Brother 17, we saw some major drama at the Veto Competition. The Austwins planned to throw it to Julia and let her win and then take Liz off the block and those two votes would save Austin. A good plan, until Vanessa got in the way and told Julia to pick Austin and this ticked him off. He went on to win POV for Week 11 and then the major drama happened afterwards. We had Liz and Austin fighting and Vanessa giving us fake tears and acting like the victim. In the end, Liz and Austin made up and Julia went up on the block in his place.

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With that being said, we have a vote tonight and I made my predictions earlier. We also had our weekly Big Brother poll and it looks like we might be on separate pages here, but I am hoping for your results to be correct. See how the house votes and get ready for a new HOH competition in my Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2015 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…back to the Veto Meeting and Vanessa brings on the tears, but she is loving it. John said he is feeling pretty good actually! Now the twins cry and talk about who stays and who goes, which went on for days! John and Vanessa talk and it seems like Liz is the best option, as she can beat them and Julia can’t, so get rid of someone that can win. Vanessa is in charge and she loves it.

Liz and Austin talk about trusting Vanessa and they know Vanessa thinks that everyone else besides Liz would take her to F2. So, the Austwins discuss and Julia said that Liz needs to stay and has a better chance of winning and Julia is ready to give up her game for her (and they’ll share the money anyways if Liz wins). Austin brings the idea to Vanessa now and she said it is not an easy decision.

Vanessa talks to Liz and Austin and she gives her stipulations: no nom next week and if renom then she is safe, the following week she gets to decide if John or Steve go and then at F3, if either of them are not there with her then she is their F2 pick. So demanding and Liz shakes her head, but will not follow through. Now Vanessa talks with Steve about things and acts like she won’t be voting to keep Liz!

Julie Chen heads to the living room to talk to the HGs. They get video messages from their family and loved ones and I am a mess! John’s family was great and Austin’s dogs were cute and I lost it with Steve’s Mom! Let me go grab the Kleenex, but it looks like jury update coming soon?

JURY UPDATE – Time to checkout the jury house. They are shocked to see Meg join them. James arrives and scares all the ladies! Meg is ticked off and Jackie was hoping he would win. They watch the DE and see everything unfold. Shelli said that Vanessa is working her butt off and she controls everything and deserves it. James is with all the ladies and said alcohol and lingerie parties (I miss him)!

VOTING TIME – They both give their speeches and how they love each other and tears are shed. Now time for the vote:

  • Austin votes to evict Julia
  • Vanessa votes to evict Julia
  • John votes to evict Julia

We all knew this was coming and in a 3-0 vote, Julia is evicted from the Big Brother 2015 house! Julia babbles and I don’t care. She said she approves of Austin for Liz and he is a good guy. In the away messages, John says he is not sad and she evicted him and now he hopes to evict all of her alliance members and tells her to have fun in jury.

HOH COMPETITION – For this competition, it is called “Under The Rainbow” and they’ll need the luck of the Irish to win. This is the chicken wire comp and they have to move ten eggs over the rainbow. First one to move all ten eggs and buzz in will win HOH for Week 12. There is a luxury prize as well, as they can move their egg into that spot and win a once-in-a-lifetime trip outside of the Big Brother 2015 house. The comp goes on until someone wins HOH and Luxury!

They have to get ten eggs across and this is going to take a while! Austin seems to have a slight lead, but it ain’t much.

SCHEDULE CHANGES: I was right with my predictions, as we have Sunday’s show with HOH comp and nominations. Then a special eviction on Tuesday night at 8/7c and then the Live Eviction on Wednesday at 8/7c. Then we move onto the F3 on the follow Sunday and Wednesday night.

As we leave the show for the night, Austin is working on his second egg and everyone else is still on the first egg. Austin screams to put him on The Bold and The Beautiful. Will this continue on the Live Feeds? We shall see, but I will have results for sure!

So, what did you think of tonight’s show?

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