After Night 1 of the Big Brother 2015 premiere, I am left wondering who the “fans” are that the producers of the show keep talking about. They always claim things that they do are “fan favorites,” but who are these fans? Most of the comments I see on Big Brother 17 seem to focus on these bad ideas and bringing back old twists and I am hoping it doesn’t ruin something good. I like these HGs and don’t want the lame “fan favorites” to ruin it!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Who Are the fans

My first rant involves Frankie Grande and how CBS was advertising his live chat on the Live Feeds during the preseason. They called him “Fan Favorite” Frankie Grande and I just laughed every time I saw that. Sure, he has fans out there and either you love him or you hate him and I think the majority of Big Brother fans don’t like him. I mean, he didn’t even finish in the Top 3 for America’s Favorite voting. So, how is he a fan favorite?

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For my second rant, they decide to bring back Battle of the Block? How was the Dual HoH twist from last summer a success? Most of the time, someone controlled the nominees for both HoHs and then the week was set in motion. That someone may have been Derrick Levasseur, so just maybe, this twist could work without the mastermind controlling every action? I still don’t believe it was a fan favorite, so where is CBS pulling these “fans” from and asking them what they want back???

The season has just begun and I am already ranting….lord help me!

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