It is that time of week again on Big Brother 2015, as the new Heads of Household on Big Brother 17 were decided last night and now we see where this new week is going to take us. After some conversations last night and today, the Nomination Ceremony has taken place and we know who is on the block for Week 3. Find out the details below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 3 Nominations

As we saw last night on Big Brother 17, it was Vanessa and Austin won the HoH competition and were put in charge for Week 3. It could have been much worse, so at least we don’t have Chelli up there still! These HGs still baffle me, as they know Liz is a twin and some of them have actually talked to them as Julia or Liz, but they want to keep them in the game???

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Regardless, it looks like they will remain safe this week, especially with Vanessa or Austin as the final HoH. They have an alliance with them and want them to the end, so they’ll be sticking around. As far as the nominations for Week 3, they are:

  • Austin’s nominees – Jason and Meg
  • Vanessa’s nominees – James and John

It looks like both of them agreed to backdoor Jeff this week, which does not upset me one bit. Last night on the Live Feeds, it looked like they agreed to keep Vanessa as the HoH this week. That means John is a pawn again and will throw the Battle of the Block today and stay on the block again? He has to know that will eventually catch up to him, right? Unless he wins the Power of Veto every week to keep his safety, but I’d start telling other people to be pawns instead of him every week!

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So, the plan is for James and John to remain on the block. John comes down and Jeff goes up as a renom and then evicted. However, what if Jeff wins the PoV and takes James off the block? Who is their new target and who is the renom? Seems like a stupid plan, but who am I?

What do you think of the nominees on Big Brother 2015 for Week 3?

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