Just when you thought all the drama walked out of the Big Brother 2015 house when Audrey Middleton was evicted, but then things got interesting! Why? Because Austin is in love and that is going to be his downfall on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Thursday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7-23-2015 Live Feeds Recap 3

As we saw last night on Big Brother 17Jackie and Vanessa won HoHs for Week 5. I was excited about this, as to see how Jackie would handle it and seeing “opposite” sides of the house up there. As it turns out, Jackie could be a good thing for HoH and looks like she’ll be staying there all week long! One thing I liked is that Jackie is a Have-Not this week and they could eat regular food at midnight. She won HoH, so that ended the HN for her and she could eat. She said she would wait until midnight to eat still. Only a few hours, but an admirable thing to do, right?

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After the Live Feeds came back, we did have the HGs talking about that hinky vote again. Austin kept his mouth quiet on this one, but he did tell Julia/Liz he was planning on doing it. Jason and Shelli talk about Steve throwing all the HoH comps and it is obvious. Also, Austin was ready to workout after the show ended, as he had that 60 minutes of downtime and he probably gained some body fat!

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Jackie and Vanessa sat down and started talking nominations. To be honest, I wish one of the requirements with this lame dual HoH twist is that the HoHs can’t talk to each other about noms. Come up with their own plans and see how it plays out. Regardless, they talked and Jackie wants to stay HoH for the week and Vanessa agreed to it. Jackie wants to put up Steve and Liz and have Austin as the backdoor plan, but would be fine with Liz going home if that doesn’t work out. Vanessa is always back and forth on things and having to put it all through her mind before agreeing to anything, but she mentions putting up Clay and Becky to win BotB and dethrone her and keep Jackie’s noms on the block.

Here is my rant of the day (so far, I mean, it is still early): Vanessa drives me insane! She talked with Austin about the Twin Twist and he denied telling Jason about it (he did and Vanessa knows he lied). Vanessa is pissed that he lied to her. However, prior to that she told Austin and Julia that Jackie was okay with being dethroned this week (a lie). And later on, she lied about Austin to Shelli, Clay, Jackie and Becky. So, her lies are fine, but no one can lie to her??? She preaches that so much, but I don’t know if she honestly believes she is speaking the truth or not.

Vanessa told Julia about Austin outing the twins to Jason and Julia is not shocked, as she thinks she is expandable once she enters the Big Brother 2015 house. Now that Vanessa doesn’t trust Austin because he lied to her, Chelli and Vanessa come up with a plan to move on past him and the twins, so they form a F8 alliance (no lie) with them, Jackie, Jason, Meg, James and Becky.

Austin knows that Jackie is going to put up Liz, since she nominated Jackie last week. He volunteers to go up for Vanessa and throw the BotB to save his woman (he is that nuts). This is where Vanessa lied to Chelli, Becky and Jackie and said that Austin didn’t volunteer to go up and said he suggested Clay go up.

Later on, Julia told Vanessa that Austin voted for John to frame it on Steve, so more ammo for Vanessa to use against Austin.

It was a pretty eventful night and it looks like Austin is in trouble, for now. They did agree on one thing last night: John deserves a week off the block, so YAY on that one! While I don’t mind Austin going home, that means the twins enter the game. Why do these HGs think that is fine? They seem to be moving past the twins, so get rid of Liz now and not have to worry about getting rid of both of them.

Either way, with Liz on the block, we all know that Austin will be fighting to save her, so it could be interesting to see how it plays out, especially if he is picked for Power of Veto. We have nominations and Battle of the Block coming up today, but check out some photos from last night in the meantime:

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