The Houseguests had a plan on Big Brother 2015, but all things don’t go as planned and that makes for some entertaining Live Feeds. Austin is living in his own world and it still could explode on him and that would be glorious to watch, as it is fun to watch Clay lose another comp on Big Brother 17! Check out the highlights from Friday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7-24-2015 Live Feeds Recap 6

Friday is always a busy day, as the HGs get ready for the Nomination Ceremony, which took place normal time and everything went as planned: Jackie nominated James and Liz/Julia and Vanessa nominated Becky and Clay. The plan was for James to throw the Battle of the Block and dethrone Vanessa and then use the veto on James to put up Austin as the renom and main target.

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During the day, Julia did tell Vanessa that Austin was the hinky vote for Audrey and it was his altar ego Judas that did it. I may actually like Julia in the game and now Liz. Julia switched back out with Liz and Austin was so happy his woman was back. He awkwardly touches her all the time, but she completely plays into it too. She wrapped her legs and arms around him at some point, so she is giving him mixed signals.


The BotB happened and it did not go as planned, as James and Liz/Julia won! Because of that, Lizia is safe for the week and both twins will be entering the house on Thursday! It also means that Vanessa is now HoH for Week 5 and Becky and Clay remain on the block. This is causing Shelli to freak out and Vanessa is a mess, as she is paranoid about sending Austin home. Clay is ticked he can’t winning any comps and is the only person in the house to not win any comps this season!

The plan remains to get Austin out, so they are going to try and keep this silent until after PoV and Austin can’t win it. If he does, they all seem okay with getting Steve out instead. However, Vanessa has that SOS alliance with Steve and I think she is freaking out because she doesn’t want to send Steve home.

Jason, Meg and James complain about Steve listening in on conversations last night. Steve camtalks about it later on and he is trying to figure out the original plan for the week and wonders about the twins being the target and he wants to win veto to save Clay. As much as I want to like Steve, he gives me more and more reasons to not like him as time goes on. I don’t think he would do good things as HoH and he is with Vanessa and Chelli, but no one really wants him.

Now we wait and see how the POV goes today on Big Brother 2015 and who is picked to play and who wins it! Check out some photos from Friday right here:

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