After a pretty hectic evening/morning on Thursday, the Big Brother 2015 house was sleepy most of the day on Friday. Production still had plans for them though, as they want July 4th off also! We had the Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 17 and plans for a new target. Check out the highlights from Friday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Live Feeds Recap - 7:3:2015

After the Battle of the Block early Friday morning, the HGs finally went to bed. About two hours later, they got their wakeup call! They eventually picked Power of Veto playerDa’Vonne seems to know that she is the target and will be going home this week. She is wondering when she became their target and a bigger target than Audrey. She talked to James and they think he is a target too, since not many people talking to him now that he is not HoH (duh).

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The PoV competition happened and it was John winning. This brought an interesting twist, as Shelli is pretty much the worst HoH ever. She wants Day gone, but seems to think she can go the whole week without Day knowing about it. Her and Clay actually suggest to John to NOT, I repeat, NOT use it on himself! Yeah, that is gonna happen! She then wants John to pick his renom. I knew I didn’t like Shelli from the beginning, but she hasn’t bother me…until now!


After some discussion, it appears that Liz/Julia will be going up as a pawn. She was upset and crying about it, but this BB Takeover could play a major role this week on Big Brother 2015. Day picks up that seventh call and gets to knockout three votes from the other side? Yeah, that could make a big change, especially if the house is divided. Would people vote to keep Day over Liz?

The Veto Meeting could take place on Sunday, as it did last week, but it usually is done on Mondays. We will see, but it should be a pretty boring day today. They’ll celebrate the 4th, as we all should be doing. The HGs got a blowup giraffe, maybe from the PoV competition, and Jeff called it GinaMarie and changed it to Gisele later on. That’s a highlight from the night, so expect the same today. However, with these HGs and Day on the block, she may blow up and that could be fun!

Check out some photos from the Live Feeds yesterday:

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