I will never understand how things work on Big Brother 2015, as the strangest things seem to happen on a weekly basis. The fans of Big Brother 17 want one thing to happen, so the HGs go and do the opposite. Do they want us to be unhappy? Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-8-2015 Live Feeds Recap 8

Here is the latest one: the twins have decided they want Liz to stay over Julia, so I guess the house has to listen! When did this become a thing? They do realize they are on the block and neither of them have a vote, right? However, it looks like they are calling the shots and the chance to get rid of Liz s pretty much gone now.

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During the day, the Austwins compared notes on Vanessa and they are on to her playing both sides of the house. They know she had F2 deals with everyone. Austin said she has not talked game with them all week. They think she will throw the HOH comp next week so she has someone else do her dirty work. They also agree that keeping Liz is better and she can compete in challenges better than Julia. Also, Julia wants to blowup Vanessa’a game at Thursday’s eviction and go off on her.

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So, they move into “Keep Liz” mode. They mention it to Vanessa and she said she’ll do what they want, but has to get Steve’s blessing first. That is another thing I will never understand. They always use that as an excuse, but the HOH has no vote unless their is a tie. There are three votes this week, so no tie and what Steve approves of or doesn’t approve of doesn’t matter at this point.

Vanessa never talks to Steve, but agrees to keep Liz with three stipulations: 1 – She cannot be one of the noms next week, but renom is fine. 2 – She gets to pick whether John or Steve go home next week. 3 – If Liztin don’t make F3 together, then the remaining person has to take her to the F2 with them. Pretty strong terms, but they agree to them (or do they)?

So, Vanessa breaks the news to John and he is fine with it. He has been saying all week that whatever twin wants to stay then he’ll vote to keep them. Later in the night, she talks with Steve about this being a bad move and they are both stressing about it. Vanessa tells him the Austwins want to come after Steve next week (and so does she).

Austin and Steve talk and he tells Steve to be supportive of what the twins decide to do (because they are calling the shots now). They agree to not vote for each other next week if they are on the block. Austin wanted to do a F4 with Austin, Liz, Steve and John, but John fell asleep before the talk could happen. John did talk with Steve earlier in the day and they talked about John needing to win HOH. He said he would nominate Austin and the remaining twin if he won.

Liz and Julia talked and Liz wants to get Steve out and then Vanessa. All this Vanessa hate and you still want to keep her? She said she is not honoring the deal Vanessa made with them. And they would vote for Vanessa over John or Steve in the end, just so a girl would win.

Some other side notes: Steve got his HOH camera and Liztin were not participating. They eventually did, but being big babies about it to start. The HGs got takeout Chinese, as well.

It looks like Liz is staying this week, but will Vanessa determine this is a bad move today and change her mind? This only seems to benefit Austin, so they are all idiots for doing it. We shall see what Wednesday brings us!

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