I forgot all about my least favorite player on Big Brother 2015 poll that I started last season, so I am bringing it back today! Yes, most people ask you who your favorite player on Big Brother 17 is, but not me! I want to know who really ticked you off during Week 1 on Big Brother 17 and who you would be happy to see leave the Big Brother 2015 house quickly! Vote in my Big Brother poll below!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - BB17 Cast Swimsuit Photos

With how crazy this season has been already and the non-stop madness on the Live Feeds, this could be an interesting poll to see for the first week. I am seriously torn between a few people on this one, so limiting my vote to just one HG? Why am I doing this to myself??? While I have my thoughts, I am dying to see what you all are thinking as well.

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For this poll, I think it will be a close race between Jace and Audrey! If you watch just the shows on CBS, then you might have another opinion, but the true fans of the show know what has been going on recently. Tell me what you think in our poll here:


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