Michelle Meyer, Natalie Negrotti, and James Huiling might be in for a bad week on Big Brother 2016. They were riding so high just a week ago. However, events yesterday changed the Big Brother 18 dynamic. It was an explosive night from start to finish.

Big Brother 18-Corey Brooks, Nicole Franzel, Paul Abrahamian

Prior to Thursday’s live show,  Paul Abrahamian went on a warpath to make himself enemy number 1. It was also to save Victor Arroyo from eviction. His plan worked briefly, but in the end, James chose to evict Victor instead of Corey Brooks.

James got the shock of his life when Victor came right back in the house. Victor then won the returning juror competition. Luckily for James, Victor didn’t win Head of Household.

The Head of Household battle ended up being between James and Nicole Franzel. Nicole won the HOH competition.

Immediately, she expressed some distrust of James. However, she revealed that her plan was to nominate Victor and Michelle. Michelle is her target.

She then solidified a new secret alliance with Paul. She told him that she wouldn’t nominate him this week. However, she would pretend like he was her target. Even if the Veto was used, she wasn’t planning to vote him out.

Nicole Franzel

Later, Paul told the Live feed watchers that he did plan to stay true to his new alliance with Corey Brooks and Nicole. He still wants James or Natalie out this week, so he may try to shift Nicole’s focus to one of them.

However, despite her new distrust for James, she probably won’t nominate Natalie or him, to keep those two on her side. Therefore, it looks like Michelle might be gone this week unless she wins the Veto.

If everything goes according to plan, we may have a tie vote. Natalie and James will vote out Victor, and Corey and Paul will vote out Michelle. This gives Nicole the deciding vote, which may hurt her plan to play both sides .

If Victor stays over Michelle, James and Natalie are likely to figure out that Corey and Nicole joined Paul and Victor. Luckily for Nicole, Paul, Corey, and Victor probably have a better chance of winning the next few HOH competitionS. So Nicole and Corey might cruise to final four.

Update: A few hours ago, Nicole changed her mind. She will nominate James but keep Michelle her target. We might be in for an interesting confrontation between Jatalie, Michelle, Sitting Ducks, and NiCorey.

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