With Paul in the HOH spot and the nominations set, tonight we will watch as the Big Brother 19 F4 play in the final Power of Veto comp of the season. If you don’t want to wait for the results of the POV comp, you can find them right here! If you have missed any of the Big Brother live feeds, you can find all the information you need in my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 2017 Predictions Who Will Be Evicted - Final 4

As usual, there is a plan in place for how tonight’s live eviction will go on Big Brother 19. With Christmas casting the only vote to evict, unless Paul switches things up during the live Veto Ceremony, it looks like thinks will go according to that plan. Keep reading to find out who I think will be heading out of the Big Brother 2017 house and heading to Jury.

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Everything on Big Brother 19 has gone pretty close to plan all season and I have a feeling that this live eviction will be no different from evictions in the past. The plan is to evict Kevin and I believe that is what’s going to happen. Is it the smart move? In my opinion, no, it isn’t. Not for Paul anyways.

If you were in Paul’s shoes and had to pick two HGs between Kevin, Josh and Christmas to bring to F3, who would you pick? I would pick Kevin and Christmas to go with me. Here is why and it’s quite simple, Kevin hasn’t won a competition all season and Christmas couldn’t compete in 85% of them because of her injury. You have a better chance of winning the final HOH comp and securing your spot in the F2 if you have two people there with you that you know you can beat.

Now, if Josh sweeps the final HOH, he goes to F2, he doesn’t bring Paul. That’s a big problem for Paul’s game. Can’t win if you aren’t there. Christmas has made it quite clear that even if she did secure a spot in F2 that she would take Paul with her and Kevin would also take Paul with him. Why keep the wildcard in the competition? Just my opinion. Without a doubt in my mind, Kevin will be evicted tonight and Josh, Christmas and Paul will go on to the F3 this season of Big Brother 19.

Stay tuned for my Big Brother 19 live eviction recap coming up tonight and get all the details of the final POV comp, the live POV Ceremony along with the results of tonight’s eviction!

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