Tonight we will watch as the final five on Big Brother 21 compete in this week’s Head of Household competition which will be hosted by Bayleigh and Swaggy C from BB20. Later we will find out who the new HOH nominates and who the target is for week 11 of Big Brother. If you don’t want to wait to find out who won HOH or who the noms will be, check out our Big Brother spoilers for the details. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother!

We started this episode off with Tommy telling us that playing this game without Christie is going to be scary. He doesn’t know if he can trust anyone in the house at this point. We then get a look at Nicole after the dust settled who was still reeling from her HOH win. We then go back to the DE and all her conversations with everyone before the nominations during the DE. After the POV, we watch as she tells Tommy that Christie is her target and that noms are staying the same. Tommy tells us that this is a big mistake because there are bigger targets in the house than Christie and Tommy (Jackson and Holly).

Now it’s just the Final Five after the DE and Tommy is alone in the Target Room while the other four are outside the door celebrating Nicole’s win and surviving the DE. Shortly after that, Nicole gets her HOH letter from her mom and dad, her HOH basket and her pictures of her family. Everyone is crying. Now there is a fire under her to win this game.

After her HOH goodies were revealed, Nicole, Cliff, Jackson, and Holly go into the bathroom and talk. They all talk about how important it is for one of them to win this HOH comp. Tommy is sitting alone in the Boat Room.

Nicole talks to Tommy before the HOH and gives him a bit of a pep talk. During this conversation, Tommy realizes that he has to win this HOH or his game is in trouble.

It’s time for the HOH competition now and they are told to head on up to the rec room. They are playing BBFlix and Chill. The HGs will have to listen to clues about a movie poster. They will have to choose the poster that is described in the clues. The HG that rings in with the correct answer first, will get the point and the first HG with five points will win HOH. Here are how the rounds played out:

  1. Jackson gets a point.
  2. Cliff gets a point.
  3. Tommy gets a point.
  4. Jackson gets a point.
  5. Jackson gets a point.
  6. Jackson gets a point.
  7. Cliff gets a point.
  8. Jackson gets a point.

The first HG with five points is Jackson and he wins HOH!

After the HOH, Tommy is talking to Jackson and they are going back and forth planting seeds with each other that Cliff is the biggest threat in the game.

Cliff and Nicole talk about the POV and how Tommy can’t win it this week or else Cliff or Nicole go to jury. During this conversation, Nicole realizes that she might have made a mistake sending Christie home instead of Jackson during her HOH.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony and Jackson nominated Cliff and Tommy. Clearly Tommy is his target this week because of his F4 deal with Cliff and Nicole. This week it’s all about who wins the POV! If you don’t want to wait and find out who won the POV, you can get the details right here!

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