Big Brother Over The Top started two days ago. However, the competition doesn’t really begin until after the BBOTT head of household takes his or her crown. Once we have an HOH Big Brother Over the Top winner, we start to see alliances and power duos forming.


We saw a few of them begin to form late last night and early this morning in the Big Brother Over the Top house.

Already, three very distinct alliances have begun to form in the Big Brother Over the Top house. Starting night one, Shane Chapman, Monte Massongill, Cornbread, and Scott Dennis formed a four person alliance (which may or may not be called the Four Horsemen). They discussed a few targets, including Kryssie Ridolfi, Neeley Jackson, and Jason Roy.

They eventually settled on Jason as their week 1 target. They then pulled Alex Willett in on their alliance, and asked her to work on Whitney Hogg and Morgan Willett. So we have a four person all-male alliance. Then we have a three person female alliance forming with Morgan, Alex, and Whitney.

The three girls and four guys alliance seems to want to work together this week but it might eventually switch.


Last night, Kryssie, Jason, Shelby Stockton, Justin Duncan, and Scott spent long hours just getting to know each other and talking about their housemates. Around 3:50 am BBT on 9/30/16, the talk turned to strategy.

They discussed who to target to protect themselves and each other. They also discussed ways to infiltrate the other groups. They talked about Shelby budding up to Whitney, Morgan, and Alex. They mentioned Justin continuing to seem non-threatening by hanging in the kitchen.

They want Scott to play doubt agent. Kryssie is just supposed to float around to groups, and Jason stays Jason. The current five person alliance was also discussing maybe pulling Neeley into their group to make it a strong six.


However, Neeley would be on the out and only used as a number. They also considered adding Danielle Lickey too, but thought her budding showmance/flirtmance with Shane might make her not trustworthy or loyal to them.

However, Jason felt confident that he could still keep her semi-close to him, and bring her to their side.

They called themselves the OTTJamboree.

Unfortunately, the Jamboree formed a bit too late to really have power this week. Jason is the only member of the group not infected yet (so still in the HOH comp). However, he will be soon. The Jamboree discussed targeting Cornbread, if they gain power. They want to target him, Shane, and Monte.

Likely, Monte will gain power this week, which doesn’t look good for the Jamboree. However, Scott is actually a double agent, so we have no clue who he is more loyal to yet. He did speak to Shane a little earlier today, and told him some information discussed last night.


However, he did try to protect the Jamboree by taking the target a little off Jason. Scott maybe the only thing that can save this alliance. The Big Brother third nominee also might work in the Jamboree’s favor as long as they have enough votes.

What do you think of the newest Big Brother Over the Top alliances?

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