It is time for two more episodes of The Amazing Race! We start tonight off with the racers leaving Brazil and heading to Paraguay. In tonight’s episode, the racers will have to choose between stacking a pyramid of watermelons or doing a traditional Paraguayan bottle dance. Keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s first episode of The Amazing Race season 32!

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Will & James were the first team to get to the pit stop last week so they will be the first team to depart for Paraguay! They are part of a five-team alliance from last week. When they get to where they have to go to book their flight, Will & James and Riley & Maddison find computers that they take advantage of. They get a map of Paraguay and print out enough copies for their alliance members and pass them out without anyone noticing.

The teams all get to Paraguay and head to the orchestra for their first task. It looks like Riley & Maddison get to the first clue before everyone else and find out that they will be making a cello out of garbage. Eswar& Aparna get there second, Leo & Alana get there third, DeAngelo & Gary get there fourth and Hung & Chee round out the top five. Meanwhile, Kaylynn & Haley are lost in a not so pleasant looking neighborhood with a cab driver who gets out of the car to ask for directions.

Gary & DeAngelo are the first team to complete their cello and deliver it to the orchestra to be tested. They get their next clue and it says that there is a yield is ahead and to get their hourglasses ready! They opt not to yield anyone during this leg. They now have to make a drink and fill a thermos to bring with them. They head to their detour where they will either have to stack watermelons or do a balancing bottle dance.

DeAngelo & Gary decide to do the watermelon stacking challenge. Will & James are the next team to head to the detour and they decide to do the bottle dancing and mention that they had just watched that episode before coming out for TAR and practiced the challenge. When Chee & Hung realize how hard this challenge is, they decide to go stack watermelons instead.

Kaylynn and Haley are still stuck at the first task of the night making the cello out of garbage and has been working on it for a couple of hours. Will & James are the first team to finish their detour challenge and head to the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Gary & DeAngelo have lost a part of their melon pyramid a couple of times now, but keep going. Hung & Chee have started their pyramid but have an issue with communication.

Victoria & Michelle finish the bottle dance and Alana & Leo are right behind them. Eswar & Aparna make it to the bottle dance challenge, meanwhile, Kaylynn is still working on her cello. Riley & Maddison have finished their pyramid and head to the pit stop next. Kaylynn finally finishes her cello and they head to their detour, meanwhile, Eswar & Aparna finish the bottle dance.

Hung & Chee have finished their melon pyramid but Gary & DeAngelo have been working on theirs for almost 4 hours. Kaylynn & Haley head to the bottle dance. DeAngelo & Gary finally got the thumbs up from the watermelon stacking challenge as Kaylynn & Haley finished the bottle dancing challenge. Which one made it to the pit stop first?

Here is the order the teams arrived at the pit stop:

  1. Will & James ($5000 each)
  2. Michelle & Victoria
  3. Leo & Alana
  4. Riley & Maddison
  5. Eswar & Aparna
  6. Hung & Chee
  7. DeAngelo & Gary
  8. Kaylynn & Haley

This is a non-elimination leg which means that they will have to do a speed bump in the next leg which starts right now right here!

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