Tonight we get not just one, but two episodes of The Amazing Race season 32! In tonight’s first episode of The Amazing Race, the teams head to Berlin Germany where they will have to walk face-first down the outside of a building for 200 feet! Get all the details of the first episode of the night right here by refreshing this page frequently! If you missed last week’s episode of The Amazing Race season 32, check out our full recap to get all caught up.

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To start off tonight’s race, Riley & Maddison, Hung & Chee, Leo & Alana, Will & James, and Gary & DeAngelo are the first five teams to head to Berlin, Germany. As the teams arrive in Berlin, they then head to the East Side Gallery for their next clue. The East Side Gallery is on the Berlin Wall. When they get their clue, they find out that they will be driving a Trabant which is a teeny tiny car and James is not having a good time trying to figure out how to drive this car either.

They head to a place called Tele Disko which is a small photo booth with disco music for you to dance in and get your picture taken. At the bottom of their picture is a clue to head to a hotel where they will encounter a yield where they can pause someone’s game with their hourglasses. Riley & Maddison and Chee & Hung both get into the Tele Disko together and it was pretty entertaining to watch.

Will & James blew the clutch on their Trabant so then get directions to the hotel where they have to go and run. Gary & DeAngelo get to the next clue box first and choose not to yield anyone and find out that they are scaling the outside of the building and unscrambling a word to answer a question.

DeAngelo scales the building but doesn’t realize there are flashing letters and has to go back up and do it again. DeAngelo talks to Hung and tells her that there are letters to unscramble, she promises DeAngelo that she will stay at the bottom and help him. Maddison did the same thing as DeAngelo going down the building and has to do it again. Hung & Chee wait for DeAngelo to get to the bottom and she keeps her word. They wait for Maddison to come down too and give him the answer. Hung & Chee and DeAngelo & Gary leave together while Maddison & Riley wait for Will & James before they leave.

At no point did any of the teams Yield any of the other teams during this leg of the race. While waiting for a taxi, DeAngelo & Gary take the first one and leave Hung & Chee hanging to find a new one. In the next challenge, the teams will be doing beer yoga where they do four poses that consist of many small movements including sipping beer. Something tells me that these teams are going to have a good buzz by the end of this. The other challenge the teams have to learn a song.

Leo and Aparna work together to get the word solved when Haley & Kaylynn arrive. Leo doesn’t help Haley when she asks him about the challenge. All he says is that it is a hard challenge and that many of the teams had to do it more than once. Haley gets to the top of the building, she freaks out a little bit, but she makes it down the building with the letters. She is unable to unscramble the word and goes down the building again.

Back at Beer Yoga, Gary & DeAngelo are finished memorizing their poses and now have to teach a class of people. They are the first to complete this challenge and head to the Pit Stop. Haley & Kaylynn are still having a hard time with the word. Hung & Chee are heading to the Pit Stop and Riley & Maddison are right after them. Haley is starting to have a bit of a meltdown because she still can’t figure out. what the word is and they know that they are running out of time.

Will & James who did the singing challenge finish and head to the Pit Stop. Haley goes one more time and then decides she is going to ask some people for help unscrambling the words. She is able to get a shop owner inside the hotel to help her solve the word! They get their clue and head to the singing challenge. Meanwhile, Eswar & Aparna are the fifth team to head to the pit stop. Find out what order they finish this leg of the race below!

Here is the order that the teams made it to the Pit Stop:

  1. Gary & DeAngelo ($7500 each)
  2. Riley & Maddison
  3. Hung & Chee
  4. Will & James
  5. Eswar & Aparna
  6. Leo & Alana
  7. Haley & Kaylynn

For the second time, Haley & Kaylynn are last, but for a second time, they are saved because this was a non-elimination leg! Join me for my live recap of the second episode of the night right here!

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