Yesterday on Big Brother 19 we watched as our only hope to get Paul out of the house was evicted. If you missed last night’s episode you can find my Big Brother 19 live recap here for all the details! After the show, they continued the Head of Household competition on the Big Brother 2017 live feeds.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 9 - Thursday

If you missed last night’s HOH comp on the Big Brother 19 live feeds, you can find the results right here! Make sure you keep up with with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details of what goes on this week in the Big Brother house. Keep reading for yesterday’s drama after Jason and Alex both threw in hinky votes for Matt in yesterday’s eviction!

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Last night there was two hinky votes for Matt during the live eviction on Big Brother 19. Those votes came from Alex and Jason and I have to say, I didn’t think they were going to stir up as much drama as they did. Josh was going around blaming Kevin for one of the votes and Alex played along with this. Meanwhile, Kevin had insisted to Christmas earlier that it wasn’t him.

Jason did tell Kevin that he was one of the votes for Matt and that he thinks the other one was Alex. He tells him it was a last second decision for the because they knew that even with those two votes, Matt was still going to be safe. Alex is using one of the hinky votes to convince the house that it was Kevin, but Jason has already told Kevin that it was him and possibly Alex. Alex finds out that he told Kevin that the second one was Alex and tells him off.

Alex is talking to Raven about the hinky votes and how one of them was definitely Kevin and they both agree that he needs to be put on the block. Jason then goes back to Kevin and backtracks through their conversation and tells him that he doesn’t think it was Alex after all. He tells Kevin it had to have been Raven because she wanted to stir the pot and be able to point fingers at someone if her or Matt won HOH.

This happens after Kevin had already gone to Paul and told him that the two votes came from Jalex. Paul then goes to Jason and asks him if the other vote was Alex, but Jason tells him no. They both agree that it had to have been Raven trying to stir the pot knowing that Matt was safe this week. Later Alex tells Jason that the only one that can know that other vote was Jason is Paul and Jason tells Alex that he told Kevin that it was him. Alex flips out and tells him that he needs to go to Kevin and tell him he was lying.

Kevin tells Paul that Jason told him that the votes for Matt were Alex’s idea and that Jason told him this not realizing that Alex was planning to pin one on Kevin. Paul tells him not to worry. Meanwhile, Josh has been all over Kevin about this vote and Kevin asks Jason to call off Josh. Jason tells him maybe Josh is pointing fingers at Kevin because he was the other vote.

Jason says he is going to try and make Raven a Have-Not even though she has the “Never-Not” pass. I’m curious as to why she can’t be a Have-Not considering the crap she eats on a daily basis. Alex is questioned by Paul about the vote and Paul tells her that Jason already told him it was her. She denies it and tells him that Jason must have been trying to bait Kevin. She tells him that the plan is to put Matt and Raven up while pretending to backdoor Kevin.

Jason mentions the DR coaching him to say a specific line and the feeds cut. When they come back the conversation has turned to how Jason doesn’t care who goes home out of Raven or Matt. Paul mentions how he thinks that Matt would take Raven off the block if he wins Veto. Paul has gone to Raven and Matt and told them that Kevin is a BD target.

So it looks like this week Matt or Raven will be the ones evicted and according to camtalks from Josh, Jason and Alex are going to be targets next week if him or Christmas should win HOH. This week is going to be interesting, but it looks like Kevin might be safe for the time being because Jason is really trying to get either Matt or Raven out this week. We will see! Stay tuned for noms coming up a little later today!

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