With everything that has unfolded in the Big Brother 19 house over the last couple days, I’m expecting these results to change a little bit. There were a few bombs planted by Cody before he left to stir the pot and it has worked. It’s all how you handle things in the Big Brother 2017 house and some of the HGs haven’t handled things well.

Big Brother 19 Poll: Who is Your Favorite HG? - Week 3 (POLL)

There have been fights, HGs calling each other out and one HG actually tried to blow up Paul’s plan, unfortunately she failed pretty miserably at it. I think that with the events that have happened thus far this week, things are going to get really interesting over the next few weeks. If you missed the action, check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for the details!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Sometimes I watch the feeds and thinks to myself, “Is this really how adults act in real life?” Some of the things that have happened this week on the Big Brother live feeds has been a little out there. There has been a fight between Paul and Dominique and another one between Mark and Josh, it’s been a little tense to say the least.

Paul has set some bombs in the house and they are all starting to blow up, with that said, has this week’s events swayed how you feel about the HGs? Let me know if the poll below who your favorite HG is this week and I’ll have the results for you tomorrow! Also, let me know what you think of this week’s events in the comments below!

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