If you don’t subscribe to the Live Feeds, then things are definitely heating up today for Big Brother 2013 and that could lead to one interesting episode tomorrow night on Big Brother 15. Before we get to that though, we get to see a new episode of Big Brother 2013 on CBS. Where do things go once Aaryn picked her nominees during the Nomination Ceremony for Week 8? Find out with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and find out who are the final nominees for Week 8 on Big Brother 2013 tonight with us!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Aaryn

The last episode of Big Brother 15 ended with Aaryn putting Helen and Elissa on the block. A power couple was finally put on the block (even though I secretly wished it would have been Amanda and McCrae first). Neither of them know that Helen is the main target, but they both know they need to win the Veto to remain safe.

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That will happen tonight, as the Power of Veto competition kicks things off and then followed by the Veto Meeting to end tonight’s episode. This is a critical week for Helen and tonight is huge for her game, so watch it with me in the live recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we pick up back at the Nomination Ceremony. Helen literally thinks she has that Final 3 deal with McCrae and Andy. I thought she was smarter than this! Helen wants Elissa to be on her best behavior to not ruin her game. Andy and Helen talk and they both bring on the fake tears. He doesn’t want to lose either of them, yet he aligns with the others? They both think Elissa is Aaryn’s target.

Amanda and McCrae are in bed (shocker) and Elissa comes in and lays down. Amanda thinks there is a riff in their relationship and now they will come running to her. Amanda says Helen threw her under the bus, but is she lying? Elissa is not sure what to think on Big Brother 2013. The way Amanda is talking, I can’t way until Amanda and McCrae are on the block together. Will that ever happen?

Andy and Spencer talk about the veto and he feels that he can’t win it because then he would be showing his true colors. Spencer knows he must get it, if he gets drawn to participate.

Time to pick the players on the Veto Competition on Big Brother 2013. They are Aaryn, Elissa, Helen, GinaMarie, Spencer and Elissa draws HouseGuest choice and she picks Andy. Why not Amanda, who can’t win?

Helen and Andy talk and they know Spencer can’t win veto and she asked if anyone is gunning for her and he said no and no one would tell him. Um, yeah and it is you gunning for her. Now Andy goes into the HoH room and tells Amanda and Aaryn that he doesn’t want to win veto. Amanda said he doesn’t like to get blood on his hands, but where is her blood?

Veto Competition Time: they walk out and see a big ol’ beaver. McCrae sees it and knows it is an OTEV. The beaver has written love letters to eliminated HGs. They got lost and the players need to find them. He will read clues and the HGs need to go out and find the envelope addressed to that HG.

First Round: a rant about wine, so it is Jeremy. GM struggles and is last one back, so she is eliminated.

Second Round: they left in a hurry and in their grizzly bear shirt, so it is Judd. Helen is the halfway up the ramp and Elissa comes out of the blue and flies up the wall and beats Helen. She is the last one up, so Helen is eliminated and Elissa is superwoman!

Third Round: they left as a clown, so it is Candice. This time Elissa knocks Andy into a log and she gets there before him and Andy is eliminated.

Fourth Round: chiseled in stone, so that is Howard. Aaryn is last one back, so she is eliminated!

Last Round: it is down to Spencer and Elissa and the clue is for Jessie. They rush out and depends on who can get it first. They both get them at the same time, but of course Elissa beats him back and she wins the Veto on Big Brother 2013!!!

On a side note, didn’t the beaver sound like Andy??? Helen is excited that Elissa won, but she doesn’t know that she is no a shoe-in to go home!

Helen and Elissa celebrate their victory and Andy comes in, but Helen noticed he wasn’t trying hard in the competition and throws up her red flag.

Amanda then tells Elissa that Helen is going home and there is nothing she can do to flip the house. She is safe and it would ruin her game if she tried! Elissa wants to tell Aaryn, but she is afraid Amanda will come after her. They are cleaning the bathroom and Helen is letting the paranoia kicks in. She hints that Helen is the target, but doesn’t want to tell her. She says Spencer is pretty comfortable for being the target. Now Helen is on a mission!

Helen goes to the HoH room and talks with Aaryn. She wants to start an alliance with Aaryn, GM and Elissa. They both feel that Andy has lied to them and Helen said they are all going to fight against each other and Amanda will be the last one standing! She knows the truth, but will anyone join her on this?

We go back to the wine incident from earlier this season, as they drink wine. Amanda goes off and McCrae said that Mount St. Amanda blows up again. Aaryn is pissed at her and heads to the HoH room. Andy comes up to smooth things over and he is such a snake! Amanda comes up and the fighting continues. This is so sad to see. Aaryn knows that she has done everything that Amanda wanted her to do, but then treats her that way. She even states that Amanda has won nothing and still acts that way! She tells Andy, after Amanda walks out, that she could put Amanda on the block and get her out. Again, this is why I say the HGs should be allowed wine before the Nomination Ceremonies and Veto Meetings. The truth would come out and the real nominees would be put on the block!!!

Time for the Veto Meeting: Elissa clearly takes herself off the block, but who does Aaryn put up as the renom? She talked a good game, but she puts up Spencer and Amanda stays off the block. The final nominees for Week 8 are Helen and Spencer (his sixth time on the block). Helen is the target, so Spencer should stay safe again. A little dig from Aaryn, as she said this is what she is being pushed against the wall to do.

What do you think of the final nominees for Week 8?

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