The big news in the Big Brother 15 house yesterday was the Veto Ceremony and what Jeremy would do and who Elissa was going to put up as renom, which we shared with you in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers yesterday. With that happening, it was a day of game talk and both sides trying to get the house to vote for the other one (let’s be honest, no one is going to be voting for Helen). With that in mind, check out some highlights from the Live Feeds for Monday in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below.

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With Jeremy taking himself off the block and then Elissa putting up Nick as the renom (ugh), it was time for Nick and Elissa to work the house and get them to vote for the other one. How can it be Nick, Elissa and Helen up for eviction on Big Brother 2013? I like them all!

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Around 2:15 PM (BBT), we get another lovely comment from these fine, young houseguests. Amanda is playing a game with Jessie, Andy and Jeremy. She asks what he boyfriends name is and Jeremy’s response: “faggot.” I just wonder how much more classier this group can get. He is called into the Diary Room and comes out preaching on gay rights, so you know he got in trouble for that one.

Talk of a super alliance happened and who would make up the jury on Big Brother 15. It would be the Moving Company (Jeremy, Howard, Spencer, McCrae and Nick) joining forces with Aaryn, GinaMarie, Amanda and Kaitlin. They join both sides of the house into one, but keep the others out of the loop. No way this could work and no way I could survive this season with them in the final nine!

Amanda has a target on her back now and McCrae is trying to save her, but will it really help? The Moving Company, minus McCrae, seems to want her gone next. Showing her boobs the night before didn’t help her chances with the guys???

Elissa made a huge mistake putting Nick on the block and not Kaitlin. Aaryn is now gunning for Kaitlin big time and her and GinaMarie want her gone and Aaryn wants Jeremy all to herself. She loses David, her “best friend” in the house, and she moves on pretty quick, huh?

GinaMarie really likes Nick, but he has returned none of those same vibes. Is he gay? Who knows, but I think he is more focused on the game and winning Big Brother 2013 than a showmance, so I give him major props on that. This is why I am ticked he is up for eviction.

As of now, it looks like Nick will be safe and Elissa will be going home, but Nick is working the house big time to be safe. Amanda is figuring things out on the Moving Company and if word gets out on a guy alliance it could hurt Nick. Why do we have so long to wait to find out???

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