We had a special eviction show of Big Brother 2013 on CBS tonight and it was time to see one more HouseGuests head to the jury house. We saw Judd leave for the second time this season on Big Brother 15 and we also saw Andy win Head of Household and everyone screamed and puked a little! Now we had to wait for the Live Feeds to come back and they have returned and we have the Power of Veto winner for the new week. Check it out in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!


They put the Live Feeds on hold for the Pacific Coast to view tonight’s show and now it is back and we sit and watch McCrae, GinaMarie and Spencer sit on the couch and chat and Andy is not present. It took a while, but the winner was finally determined.

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The winner of the Power of Veto for this new week on Big Brother 2013 is Andy (ugh). This came after we found out that Andy nominated Spencer and McCrae

What does this mean? Now the power is up to Andy, sort of. He can remove either of his own nominees, but than GinaMarie would go up as the renom. I think he might take Spencer off the block and put GM up and then Spencer would have the lone vote to evict either GM or McCrae. Andy has Spencer in his backpocket, so he would be doing his dirty work for him.

Now we wait to see what Andy does next…nothing is certain yet since the HoH won Veto and not as much power holding both of them during Final 4!

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