Right at the very end of the live eviction show on CBS last nightBig Brother host Julie Chen announced the latest twist for Big Brother 2013 and it could bring some excitement back into the house, but how much really??? One of the jury members will be headed back into the Big Brother 15 house after competing against the other jury members next Thursday night. Before we get to the Nomination Ceremony tonight (which I will share with you later in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers), let’s start a Big Brother poll and see which juror you all want to come back next week on Big Brother 2013!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Jury House Competition

Here is what we know so far about this competition between the jury members:

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  • The first three jury members (Candice Stewart, Judd Daugherty and Jessie Kowalski) will all be competing along with the evicted HouseGuest from this week.
  • They will compete in a competition and the winner will be allowed back into the Big Brother 2013 house to compete for the $500,000.

With that being said, I think the winner should be given a power to go with it. You know they were targeted once and will most likely be targeted right away. Will it be done right after the vote and then the winner can also compete in the HoH competition for the week or will they just be given the title of HoH (now that would be amazing).

For me, I am torn on this one. The talk on the live feeds last night was that Helen and Elissa will be put up on the block and Helen is the target. If that goes through and she is evicted, I am kind of secretly wanting her to win this competition and go back with some real anger and take down Amanda! But on the other hand, I will be glad to see Helen gone and don’t want her and her fake crying back!

As far as the other for sure jury members on Big Brother 2013, I think everyone is rooting for Judd to come back, but what would he really do? He is entertaining, but he is not going to come back and make waves in the house. Jessie has potential, but would anyone join her? Candice can really make waves, but would she come back in and just sleep again? She went out on a huge note and I would like to see that continue!

I think if Helen was evicted this week that she could come back into the house and do some damage, with or without a special power. I think the others would need a special power to cause some damage because the weaker side of the house doesn’t realize they are weaker. McCrae and Amanda need to be broken up and the only ones to do that would be GinaMarie, Spencer, Elissa/Helen (whoever survives this week) and then the jury member that comes back. Four on four and the new HoH next week would be huge!

So, which jury member do you want to see come back next week on Big Brother 2013? Vote here:

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