While things have just begun on Big Brother 2014 for us, that is not the case for the HouseGuests on Big Brother 16! They may have just moved in, according to what CBS showed us on the Big Brother 2014 premiere, but they have been living in the house for eight days now and we have already seen the first Battle of the Block competition happen! Find out those Battle of the Block results for Week 1 below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 1 - Battle of the Block Results

I did just give you the Week 1 nominations from both the Head of Households, but now we can determine who won that competition and who remains as the lone HoH for Week 1 on Big Brother 16!

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We have no clue about what the HGs did for the competition, but here are the results of the Battle of the Block for Week 1:

  • Winners – Brittany and Victoria
  • Losers – Donny and Paola, so they remain on the block for Week 1
  • Final HoH for Week 1 – Caleb

With all that being said, not sure who the target is for Week 1. Caleb and Frankie became close during their time as HoH together, which is shocking to me. Caleb may surprise us all and not be that racist/homophobic person he was made out to be. He was getting piggy back rides from Frankie on the Live Feeds and they truly seem close, so maybe he is playing a good game?

The Power of Veto competition is supposed to take place today, so I will give results of that when I find out and who will be playing in it and if there is any talk of a possible target!

What do you think of the results of the Battle of the Block?

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