The Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds were finally in action last night and it brought us a ton of new information, especially since the Big Brother 16 cast has been living in the house for EIGHT days! Yup, we have missed out on a lot of information and showmances and alliances and freak-outs! One of the main things we have missed, which is why I am sharing this first: the Week 1 nominations by the Head of Households! Check it out below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 1 Nominations

As we saw this week on Big Brother 16, Frankie won HoH on Night 1 and Caleb won HoH last night! They would each put up two nominees, who would then fight it out in the Battle of the Block to see which two would remain on the block and which HoH would be dethroned!

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The results of that will come shortly, but  let’s focus on those nominees for Week 1! Not sure when it happened in the Big Brother 2014 house, but this is what we came up with for nominees:

  • Frankie’s nominees – Brittany and Victoria
  • Caleb’s nominees – Donny and Paola

The reasoning: Frankie picked them because those were the first two to fall off during their HoH competition. Caleb picked them because they were the first guy and first girl to fall off during their HoH competition. To be honest, some good logic behind the picks and not getting their hands dirty early on!

What do you think of the nominees on Big Brother 2014 for Week 1?

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