The Big Brother Live Feeds got off to a bang last night, as some of the HouseGuests (Joey and Hayden) decided to go streaking within the first few minutes of them being on! The action kept going for a while and we learned a ton of information for Big Brother 2014, or as much as we could figure out based on things we saw in the Big Brother 16 house! Check out some highlights of the Live Feeds last night below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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To be honest, there was a lot of “playing nice” going on right now. The HGs are being friendly and everyone still likes everyone, so not much drama to report. It is all a matter of trying to figure things out right now and go from that. I’ll give you a few highlights here:

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  • Joey and Hayden start the Live Feeds by streaking through the house! Surprisingly, Christine (the one that hates clothes) keeps her clothes on.
  • Week 1 nominations were determined
  • Battle of the Block winners determined, which gives us nominees of Donny and Paola before the PoV competition
  • Donny seems to be the target right now, but it all depends on the PoV competition. There was talk of people thinking he is a professor and smarter than he claims to be. He has no social game, which is hurting his chances right now and that whistle is going to get annoying!
  • If Donny wins PoV, then Caleb talked about putting up Joey, since they don’t think Paola is a threat and will just ruin her own game over time.
  • This makes me wonder: what happens if Joey is evicted? Or any member of Team America? I mean, we will go through two evictions before it is finally in place!
  • Based on what we saw last night on CBS, I would never think that Zach and Frankie would have an alliance, but they supposedly have a F2 alliance and it seems legit (for now). Both are making side alliances, as well.
  • Devin apparently has had a breakdown already and is losing his mind in the house. The HGs all have seen it, so he muscles aren’t scaring anyone.
  • Also, Frankie started the Live Feeds wishing his sister, Ariana Grande, a Happy 21st Birthday. Does that mean he spilled the beans already to everyone?
  • Have-Nots are Joey, Hayden, Cody and Brittany. Apparently Cody volunteered. Have Not Room is the Ice Room and their beds are made of ice and it does not look fun at all!
  • Showmances – Hayden and Nicole are definitely in one. Caleb is infatuated with Amber and speaks about her all the time, but they want to wait until after Big Brother 16 to do anything and not hurt their game during the show….yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts!

It is a matter of trying to put two and two together right now, but I will keep you all posted as time goes on!

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