I have a lot of mixed emotions going on right now, so today will be a day of ranting about Big Brother 2014, so prepare yourselves. I am going to keep this one short (or try to) and I’ll complain more as the day goes on and how upset I am with Big Brother 16. If Julie Chen tells me one more time how this is the most twisted summer yet and then not give me any twists, I am going to dump a lot more than ice water on her! Check out the highlights from Thursday night below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Donny and NicolePhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

The night was filled with a lot of crap. We had the live eviction show and we saw the HGs vote to evict Zach, which was known since Monday when Frankie tried to rap and sound cool with his glitter vest on at the age of 31 years old. From there, we had the jury competition, which was a load of crap too. “Twisted summer” again and we have a jury comp just like we saw last season, but this time even more lame. Throw these discs down a row and hope you have the most. Make them EARN a spot back in the house and not luck of the disc. Nicole won and she was not my first or second choice, but I guess she’ll do….better than Jocasta, who had us scared for a few rounds!

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Then it was back to bad mouthing Nicole and she is a terrible person and the gossip stopped once she left and she needs to go again. Derrick is very afraid of anyone that won’t listen to his every word and do as he says, like Nicole and Donny. He doesn’t have control over them, so they have to go! However, he makes the others think the same way and they do as he says. Has Derrick ever been the final HoH this season and been responsible for that person going home? Yet, every week it is his decision on who goes home….over him!

Donny and Nicole were glad to be back together and Donny was glad to have a friend in the house again. They had high hopes and she said her targets were Cody and Derrick, so Hayden got in her ear in the jury house and made her realize who is running things! The HoH competition was held and Cody won and every hope I had had was gone.

He will nominate Donny and Nicole today and tell Donny he is the target. He has been saying all week how he wants to win HoH and call out Donny, so we will see if the biggest wuss in the Big Brother 2014 house will or not, but I doubt it. The hatred for Donny makes no sense because he has done nothing wrong, but their own paranoia makes them so scared of him. They make things up in their own minds and make him into some evil person. Meanwhile, Derrick is screwing each and every one of them over and that is fine? I know it is part of the game, but why all the hate towards a guy that has done nothing wrong?

So, unless we get an actual real twist this week, Donny or Nicole will be going home. We need the Diamond Power of Veto or the Coup d’Etat and mess with the system, otherwise expect of week of Christine and Cody doing it in the HoH bed, but only because she wants to bring home $500,000 to her husband.

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