Heading into this Power of Veto Ceremony on Big Brother 2014, I don’t think anyone knew what was going to happen, including Veto winner Devin. His mind is something else and this HoH victory and PoV victory have definitely gone to his head! The wait is over, as the Veto Meeting was just held on Big Brother 16 and we have the results below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - DevinPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

In case you missed any of our Big Brother 2014 spoilerslets get you caught up:

  • Amber and Devin won Head of Household for the week and their nominees were Hayden & Nicole and Brittany & Paola
  • Hayden and Nicole won the Battle of the Block competitionwhich meant they were off the block and Amber was dethroned as HoH for her nominees winning
  • Devin is the lone HoH for Week 2 and Brittany and Paola remained on the block
  • Devin then turned around and won the Power of Veto competition

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Since that PoV competition, Devin has been all over the place with his thoughts and who should remain on the block and who the target should be. No one truly knew what he was going to do until this Veto Meeting on Big Brother 2014. It is over now and Devin used the veto and took his crush Brittany off the block and named Zach as the renom, one of his Bomb Squad members! Things are wild in the house right now and apparently it got real ugly during the meeting with people going after each other! Big Brother 16 has officially begun!

So, our final two nominees for Week 2 are:

  • Paola
  • Zach

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