Saturday started a little more calm in the Big Brother 2015 house, especially after the wild Friday we had, but it picked up later on in the night. I’m really starting to get annoyed by Audrey and that makes me upset. I thought she would be a strong player on Big Brother 17, but she just doesn’t have an off button and that is going to hurt her and it could be very soon. Check out the highlights from Saturday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Live Feeds - 6:27:2015

The target this week seems to be Jace still, but remember, we still haven’t even had the Veto meeting yet! Austin and Jace are starting to pick up on this information. I don’t think Jace is going to go down without a fight, so it could make for a fun week. Austin even preps him on giving a Dan-esque speech and pour on the tears.

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It was John’s birthday, so the HGs got some alcohol to celebrate, which may have livened them up some. I think we do have some Twin Twist issues, as Liz/Julia was trying to smooth things over with both Audrey and Austin throughout the day, so I think there have been some issues with the switching going on.

Vanessa seems to be trying to smooth things over with people after her breakdown on Thursday night. She was working on both Audrey and Clay, but Audrey seems to be in an alliance with everyone in the house. Jeff and Meg did discuss it later in the night, as they don’t trust her and all the drama she is causing in the house. I think Audrey could be a great player, but she is playing for the win this week. Jason said it best when he said they are playing like we are crowning a winner this week!

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Jeff, James and Meg discuss the possibility of an all-girl alliance with Becky leading the charge. Jeff does talk to Jackie about it and then James talks to her about it later on also. These HGs are picking up on the fact that Audrey is all over the place. Clay and Audrey do not trust Da’Vonne, but Jason was trying to defend her. These people are seriously all over the place and it hurts my head.

We did have the first streaking also, as Jace needed some attention! Flashback about 9:00pm BBT to watch that, as he has a very white butt.

They were up late again, as most of the paranoia and talking happened late. It seems we have an alliance of 10 now (why even bother)? Jeff and Jason had talked about a F4 of them with Meg and Clay and I could get on board with that. Jeff mentioned targeting Vanessa next because she was an easy target. They are worried about going after Audrey with her personal history, but Jason said he is not afraid to do so.

Overall, who knows what’s going on! We should have the Veto Meeting this afternoon, even though it would normally be on a Monday. From there, we’ll finally have the final nominees for Week 1 and maybe see Jace start campaigning against Jackie. And we have a new episode of Big Brother 17 tonight on CBS, so Diary Rooms!

In the meantime, check out some photos from Saturday in the house:

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