The anticipation until Monday afternoon in the Big Brother 2015 house is going to kill me! With these Houseguests on Big Brother 17, you never know what you are going to get and if they will follow through with their plans, especially with Shelli leading the bunch. Check out the highlights from Saturday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7-18-2015 Live Feeds Recap 6

It was Veto Day and there was anticipation of who would actually be picked to play. It took a while, but the players were finally picked and it had a good outcome for Jason, as two of his allies were picked, and no Audrey, so this Backdoor Audrey plan could actually be an option. The thing that I found odd was Vanessa wanted to win it, really bad. She even mentioned winning it and then letting Shelli decide if she wanted to renom someone or not, as Shelli has been back and forth on the BD Audrey plan.

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James and Meg both said they would use it on Jason to bring him down and then Shelli could put up Audrey. After some time, the Veto Comp was played and it was Vanessa winning. For some reason, I have a bad vibe about this one. She pretty much holds all the power, again, and we all know how that went last week and her paranoia.

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For the rest of the night, the talk seems to be on Audrey and using it to get rid of her, but she does not know anything about it. She is thinking either the noms stay the same or Steve goes up. Vanessa and Shelli both talked to Jason and offering deals of safety to take him down and not mess with them (and Clay). To be honest, it would be better to have Jason come down and Audrey up next to John, as no one would vote him out over her. There could be people to vote Jason out over Audrey.

For Saturday, we also had Liz, John and Jason having to wearing these boy band outfits (all dressed in white) and every time the pager goes off, they have to get up and do some dance routine. This is punishment for losing the Battle of the Block on Friday. We also saw the Have-Nots picked and get their food. This week it is Audrey, Jackie, John and Becky. They got cake and gravy as their food (I’ll eat cake and gravy)!

I was not excited about this week, but I am now and I am so nervous at the same time. Vanessa seems sketchy, so I don’t know about her. And Shelli is so wishy-washy, I can see her not putting up a renom because she is too scared to do it. We have all of Sunday and Monday morning for Audrey to get word of this plan and blow it out of the water and have Shelli apologizing to her for ever thinking it!

For now, check out some photos from the Big Brother 17 house on Saturday:

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