Monday was a day of information gathering for these Houseguests on Big Brother 2015 and it looks like Da’Vonne is the one behind everything, but can she use it to save herself in the game? I am not so certain about that one, but we have two full days in the Big Brother 17 house for her to work her magic, so get to it girl! Check out the highlights from Monday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:6:2015 Live Feeds Recap 10

I have already posted on the big happenings of the day, so let me chat a little about what else happened. Of course, the day started and the Veto Meeting took place, which shocked no one with John using it on himself and Meg going up as the renom. Only if Shelli stuck to her plan of putting up Liz and this week could be much more exciting!

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During the afternoon, Liz and Julia made a switch for the Twin Twist and it seems like Day may have caught them in action! Not literally, but she saw some differences and relayed the information back to Jason and you can get all the details on that in my post here!

The house went on lockdown and everyone was in the backyard for a while. Jason and Day continued their Twin Twist talk. Feedsters all speculated it was the phone being installed and we were correct, as the HGs got back into the Big Brother 2015 and we went to fish.

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We came back and the HGs are all talking about the phone calls, so the Last Laugh did happen for the BB Takeover and it was Day who got the seventh call. She first mentioned to Jason and Jackie that she is packing her bags to go home and she didn’t get the special power. She did tell Jason later about having it and needing five votes, so she can discuss it. She cam talked a lot and said she is going to get those votes and will target Clay next week.

The Twin Twist took over the night and all the HGs want to try and mess with the one in the house, so when the switch happens, they don’t have enough time to trade details. They will ask long questions and even talked about painting their fingernails a different color. With all that going on, Liz/Julia should be the next target because they want her gone and they don’t want both of them coming in to play the game. Meanwhile, Audrey lays low and everyone forgets that they hate her!

We also had another alliance form, as Steve and Vanessa made a F2 alliance called SOS (Students of Sound). Steve has also confirmed to Clay and Shelli that he will vote out Day this week, but Day did talk to him in the afternoon and said people are concerned about him taking info from everyone and bringing it back to Audrey.

Tuesday should be a day of trying to out Liz as a twin, which should be fun to watch, and I want to see where Day goes with this special power of hers. Can she get five votes against Meg??? Check out some photos from Monday’s Live Feeds on Big Brother 17 here:

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