CBS does it to us every year and it is back, as the swimsuit photos for the Big Brother 2015 cast have been released! To be honest, we have some classier photos here and I really do like this group right now. Sure, the twists on Big Brother 17 suck so far, but I am not giving up. We have Night 2 of the BB17 premiere tonight, so even more can come! Check out the new swimsuit photos below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Julie Chen

I know we have only seen Night 1 of the premiere, but I am getting a good vibe here. Of course, when the Live Feeds start tonight, I’ll get an even better vibe for things. Yes, the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds start tonight, so sign up here and help support me and the site!

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As far as the photos go, you can check them out right here. As I wrote earlier about the Twin Twist coming back and it looks like it is Liz Nolan with the twin (her twin is Julia). Well, how about that swimsuit photo??? That clearly is not the Liz we have seen photos and interviews of before. I can clearly see the difference. Can you??? Check out the swimsuit photos for the Big Brother 17 cast here:

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