September 21, 2016

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Will Nicole Take Paul to the Final Two?


Paul Abrahamian won the first round of the final Big Brother 2016 Head of Household competition. Nicole Franzel won part 2. This means that one of them will determine the Big Brother 18 final two. Their decision could determine whether they win $500,000 or $50,000.

Nicole and Paul

Paul promised both Nicole and James Huling to take them to the final two. However, once Nicole won the second part of the competition, it became more clear that Nicole was his true final two goal. He claimed that he did not respect James’s game. He would rather lose to Nicole than to James.

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September 19, 2016

Big Brother Spoilers: Will The Jury Be Bitter?


Dr. Will Kirby continues the Big Brother tradition by stepping in to moderate the jury round table. Last week, following Corey Brooks‘ eviction, CBS filmed the jury segment and Zap2it exclusively interviewed Will about it.

Will Kirby Big Brother 18

Usually, the jury segment shows semi-heated debates about who deserves and doesn’t deserve to win the season. This season we expect the same, but ten times more heated.

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September 17, 2016

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Final Head of Household Part 2 Results


Last Wednesday night, the first part of the final Big Brother 2016 Head of Household competition played out. Last night’s episode showed the start of this endurance competition. Wednesday’s Big Brother 2016 finale will reveal the winner of that round.

Big Brother 2016-Part 2 Final HOH

Live feed watchers already know that Paul Abrahamian won that round. This left Nicole Franzel and James Huling to face off at second round. Since the first round was endurance, we expected this one to be a mental timed one.

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September 15, 2016

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Final Head of Household Part 1 Results


Finally, the final week of Big Brother 2016 begins. Either Nicole Franzel, Paul Abrahamian, or James Huling will win $500,000. Another one of them will win $50,000. The third place finisher will win nothing.

BB18-Final HOH

In the next couple days, the final three players compete in the first two parts of the final Head of Household competition. The final part of the competition will take place live on Wednesday.

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September 14, 2016

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 13 Results-Who Went Home Tonight?


Big Brother 2016’s fast forward week continues. Last night, we witnessed Victor Arroyo‘s eviction. He became the 7th Big Brother 18 jury member. Tonight, someone else joined him in the Big Brother jury.

BB18-Nicole and Corey

When Tuesday’s broadcast ended, Paul Abrahamian secured his spot in the finals. He won the final four Head of Household competition. This gave him the power to nominate two people, and stay off the block.

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