July 15, 2010

Week Two-Live Show Recap/Eviction,HOH & THE Big Reveal! Big Brother 2010 **UPDATED**


We have had our first eviction!! For all of you Annie fans ūüôĀ . ¬†For everyone who was rooting for the “Brachel” ¬†Showmance to continue ūüôā

I will updating later with some LIVE FEED news, after eviction.

This was not a major surprise, but still you have to be prepared for anything on Big Brother 2010

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The first big news was the identity of the Saboteur. America voted Kathy most likely. ¬†The actual Sabo is…… ANNIE!!!!!

Her eviction speech was BRUTAL against Brendan! Ouch!! Everything she said was Right on..and the Sloppy Seconds comment against Rachel!  YAY!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!!!That she was the Sabo- and she gave a final little present by the eviction chairs when the HG’s got back. ¬†I HATE it, that she was evicted! You know from my previous posts, that I always liked Annie a lot! ¬†ūüôĀ

Bye, Annie!  We will miss you, the house is a poorer place without you.

But now….

The HG’s played the game- “Majority Rules”: see previous post.

The order they were eliminated:

1-Brendan, Kathy, Kristin

2-Enzo, Matt, Lane



5- Tiebreaker:  Won by:   RACHEL!

RACHEL is the new HOH!!!!!

Rachel thrilled with HOH win

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We have ouselves a New HOH!!!

Of the final three in the Majority Rules, I am glad that Rachel won. Bratney would have been a tyrant, and I believe Monet would have done whatever Brat wanted.

Of course Annie was right. This power couple will likely roll right through this game.

And..This just hit me… Where do you think Brendan will be spending his nights this week? ¬†OOOO-La-La! Live Feeds, anyone?? ¬†Hmmmm..

Can’t wait to see what strategy these two employ!!

Their early choices seem to be Britney and Monet:

Brit is possible new target

With her buddy Monet?

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Just had our first confrontation between Andrew and Brit- Brit went off on Andrew for some comment he made about being happy that Rachel won HOH and not her. He said- yes, I am happy you didn’t win. Why would I not admit that? ¬†LOL!

Andrew got TICKED

Monet not happy with what Brit did

July 15, 2010

First Live Eviction- Who will be Evicted? Sabo Revealed!


Well, we made it!  We made it to the first live eviction day in the Big Brother 2010 season. It is actually a difficult choice, which is relatively unusual for a first week. Sign up for a FREE trial of the Superpass Live Feeds!

UPDATE** The HG’s are getting ready for the Live Eviction. Are you??

The HG's primp for the live show

The HG's pose for the HOH camera

Bren tells Rachel he "cares for her"

Annie slinky in silver for show

The Saboteur will be revealed tonight during the live show!   Who do you think it is?

Annie was, at first, almost a sure thing to go home. She offered alliances to the majority of the people in the house, and was not good about keeping it on the down-low.

Annie is no quitter, however, and she has gradually worn down some of the HG’s who were 100% against her.

Annie will fight!

Now, let’s think about this. Yes, Brendan and Rachel are the “showmance” of this season. If you do not have the Superpass Live Feeds, this is the time! You do NOT want to ¬†miss this… Brendan and Rachel are so hot for each other, well.. let’s just say, it is going to get more and more interesting. ¬†They have already started out pretty hot and heavy, and I doubt very, very much that they are going to remain as, well…chaste as Jeff and Jordan were last season. So, for the voyeur value alone, I do not want to see Rachel to go.

Rachel has assets of her own

Will "love" conquer all?

On the other hand. Annie is a scrapper, schemer, and drama-inducing.  Something we definitely need in the house. Also, from a gameplay standpoint, I would not want to leave a power couple in the house, who will vote as a block. It is becoming abundantly clear that Rachel is going to do whatever Brendan tells her to do.

Annie has already turned several people who vowed never to keep her. So, unlike previous seasons where the first person to go was a lock.  We have a real nail-biter on our hands.

Has annie turned Andrew, as they hide on the landing?

Has Annie convinced Andrew?

Who do you think will go home tonite?

div class=”TWIIGSPOLL”>

Is Ragan the next Tiger?

Or will Enzo swing for the green? I know- Lame... sorry..

Last night the HG’s were given a giant golf set to play with. This usually has something to do with the HOH comp. Enzo and Ragan were out practicing early. Historically, tonight’s HOH comp will be something along the lines of “Majority Rules” where the HG’s are asked to choose A or B to a question about which answer ¬†the majority of the people in the house would choose. Such as “Who do the majority of the people in the house say they would not want to date their little sister? A) Hayden B) Lane”. The trick is not to pick what you think, but what you believe the majority of the house thinks.

Brendan will play for blood

Brendan has practically pulled a Babe Ruth, calling the home run- He is 100% certain that he is going to win the HOH comp tonight. The weird thing, is that he has pretty much everyone else convinced, as well. Hayden is almost pooping in his pants, worried about what will happen when (not if- mind you) Brendan wins HOH tonight. If Annie goes home, Brendan has promised to hold no grudges and plans on taking out two of the weak players.

But oh vengance shall be his, if his bosomy buddy goes.

need I say more?

The tension will be so thick today between “Brachel” and Annie, you will be able to cut it with a knife.

Annie has vowed to give a speech for the whole house today, so that ought to be  quite interesting..

Annie has her game face on

Stay tuned.. and get the Live Feeds here to get a taste of the mood and swing of the house today.

And Do not forget, about the FREE trial of the Superpass Feeds, so you can watch the reaction of the house after the new HOH is crowned!

July 13, 2010

Backyard Fun and Tempers “Bubbling” Over in the Big Brother 2010 House *Spoiler*


Only in sunny California can we see such a group of fine-looking people  in the Big Brother 2010 house, all crowded up in one place.  I, like most of you, had hoped to have more diversity in the house this year. I said before, give us the fat, the old, the awkward.

Well, that didn’t happen, and as my dad says: You hunt with the dog you got.

UPDATE** Interesting tidbit of information. ¬†This is not the first reality TV show that Matt has been on. He also appeared on the show “Average Joe”. ¬†Hmm.. A reality TV show vet might make a very good saboteur, don’t you think?


So.. We do have some eye candy at the very least.  I apologize to the ladies for the lack of meat on the pics yesterday.

I will remedy that immediately:  If you sign up here for the LIVE FEEDS you can see these hunks and hotties for yourself at any time of the day or night.

**Spoiler Alert**

Is it smarter for the house to keep Rachel or Annie? Is it wise to keep a couple together this early in the season? Is Brendan losing so much blood from his brain because it is being routed elsewhere that he is not thinking straight?  Having a confirmed relationship this early in the game, makes you a HUGE target.. duh..

Annie and Rachel had a confrontation last night.Annie told everyone that Rachel was condescending to her and gave her the buh-bye wave.

Annie-Rachel have a tiff

Hayden catches some rays

Wow! How handsome is Brendan?

I didn't forget you guys.

Andrew is cute.

Lane is, too

Kristen is talented

Very talented

Annie kept up some of the HG’s up till all hours of the night, pleading her case. She is making some headway in trying to convince them that it would benefit the house to break up the couple.

Remember: this is just the FIRST WEEK!! ¬†the HG’s are just getting to know each other, and feathers (or fur) has already flown, with Annie going after Britney after the POV ceremony.

The Big Brother 12 HG’s had fun playing a new game. ¬†Throwing ¬†ziploc bags full of beans, ¬†into vases. Who wants to see the return of beer pong!

New game

Kristen develops her game

While the other ladies take a bubble bath

relaxing in the tub

but you gotta get out sometime

There were some (ahem) nip-slips on the Live Feeds yesterday. Now, I am a lady. I do my best to be proper, but I know some of you heathens will want to see this for yourself. I can almost 100% guarantee more nudity this season. Most of these women are blessed (not necessarily by God- more by the surgeon, probably).

See the previous post.. I MAY have put the pics in there.. Hmmm

sign up for the LIVE FEEDS here, and stay tuned for more action.

Andrew got upset at something Lane said (not sure what) and threw a fit!

Things are heating up quickly, as Annie gets more and more desperate

Annie is losing it


July 12, 2010

Slip-(nip)-in’ and Slidin’ in the Big Brother 2010 House *Spoiler* Updated Pics–


The ladies of the Big Brother 2010 house used their skills yesterday afternoon, crafting a slip and slide, using trash bags, soap and a hose. The HG’s had a ball sliding on their makeshift toy. Get the live feeds here, and see this for yourself..

Everyone took their turn:

*Spoiler Alert*

Who do you think should go on Thursday?

Rachel works on the slip and slide

The girls set up the slide

Andrew slides

rachel slips

Monet rocks


Umm-we're checking for what??

Brendan comforts Rachel after POV ceremony

Spoiler Alert

Sign up for the action and suspense on the LIVE FEEDS!

Those crazy kids in the BY were soaping up and slipping around everywhere.  There are also a couple of gymnasts in the house, so that ought to become interesting.

We had our first blow up and first confrontation today..  OOO!

Replacement Noms were announced, and as expected- Annie was put up in place of Brendan, who used the POV on himself. Annie took it very badly, apparently calling Britney out for lying on her to everyone.

After the ceremony, she even went off on Brendan, who had been trying to help her, even after he learned that she wanted Rachel and him broken up.

Rachel was in tears, even though she has been told by everyone that she was safe.

Brendan was very hurt by Annie’s attack, he thought they were close. After spending some time being ticked off, he showed the kind of person he is by offering her comfort and trying to boost her spirits.

Brendan is Captain Compassion

Annie is not going down without a fight. She stayed up all night trying to convince all the HG’s that Brendan and Rachel needed to be broken up. She even called them the “Jeff and Jordan” of this season. She even sat down and apologized to Britney. Britney told her she never wanted her out… right..

Andrew got plastered last night on one beer.

Andrew feelin' good

He even insisted on eating a chocolate chip cookie that was not kosher. The other HG’s tried to stop him. He ended his night by scaling the bedroom wall. ¬†He is a funny drunk.

See the HG’s antics ¬†for yourself on the 24/7 Live Feeds. They have forgotten about the cameras, and are letting their freak flags fly.

Deepening Love or Showmance- You decide..

And the  love saga continues:

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July 11, 2010

New Twist Revealed in Big Brother 2010 House. **Spoiler Replacement Noms Update**


A new twist was revealed to the HG’s yesterday afternoon in the Big Brother 2010 house. See below for details and SPOILERS!

The HG’s spent the evening mostly hanging out in the Hot-Tub, and general chit-chatting.

Rachel and Monet put on a gymnastics display. You gotta see this. Sign up here for the 24/7 Live Feeds, and don’t miss out on anything. Already, several of the HG’s are getting ready to boil over, and you don’t want to miss it when it happens. Plus, with the Flashback feature, you will never miss anything. You have the ability to fast-forward and rewind and see any of the craziness that happens.

Rachel and Monet perform for the other HG's

Rachel getting high

Kathy was sick, right before the Have Not comp. Apparently, it was so serious she had to have IV fluids, and was given the choice to sit out the comp. She declined, and ended up battered and bruised.

The Have-Not, no food situation is hitting her and Ragan particularly hard.

Kathy feelin' it

Ragan feeling weak

The HG’s had another shock as they were called into the Living Room, and the Sabo came on the screen. He/She revealed a new twist. ¬†Two of the people in the house, have a “Lifelong Frienship” or “Have a previous BB alliance.” Sooo..

Things fell out fast and furious as people immediately began trying to figure it out.

The love story continues with “Brachel”. I am liking these two more and more. With Rachel on the block, Brendan is working hard to try to save her. Hayden seems fixed on putting up Annie as a replacement today. Brendan considers Annie a possible alliance, and wants him to put Monet up instead. Hayden told him that only by putting up Annie, could he guarantee that Rachel stays.

Things heat up for the showmance

Who do you think Hayden will name as a replacement when Brendan takes himself off the block?

Who do you want to see named as replacement?

Monet as replacement?
Annie in hotseat?Stay tuned as Hayden makes his choice.

And sign up here for the Superpass 24/7 Live Feeds to get total, uncensored access.

Bye, ya’ll

Addendum: Annie came out to Ragan and Kristen about her bisexuality, and told them that her “boyfriend” was actually a “girlfriend”. She asked them not to tell anyone else. I believe she made a pretty good choice, those two seem fairly trustworthy, at least so far. What do you think?

**UPDATE- Looks like they maybe getting ready for the POV ceremony, and the replacement noms.

Jump on the LIVE FEEDS and stay tuned for results!

Also, Bratney (my new name for her from now on) was showing her colors last night, mocking Andrew and his Judaism, and trash-talking Rachel’s body.

***UPDATE- FEEDS BACK! ¬†Annie and Hayden talking. Annie TICKED at Bratney. ¬†She is telling Hayden that she can’t stand Bratney, and they she has been lying on her. She says she never had an alliance with Brendan, but was just trying to be nice to everyone, and that all the stories floating around came from Bratney.

Haven’t had the ceremony yet, and Annie is pleading her case.

Annie pleading her case.

hayden talks to annie

**UPDATE- 11:52 BBT- BB just announced outdoor lockdown.  Getting ready for POV ceremony??? Stay tuned!

***UPDATE! They are back! Annie is on the block with Rachel!

Annie packing

Annie called out Britney! ¬†Can’t wait to hear how that went!!!

OMG!!Just caught BRatney in a big lie! she was just telling Brendan how she doesn’t lie, and said how Annie told her that Brendan asked her to be in an alliance and she told him no way! That is a flat out lie. Bratney is QUITE the little liar. ¬†and NOW she is pulling a poor, little innocent me.. and that ain’t right..

I would rather Annie go than Rachel, but it is a shame, because she was a good little pot stirrer.  Hmmm..

annie called out Brit


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