July 23, 2010

New Sheriff in Town- Results of Endurance comp- Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler


Well, We had our first endurance comp in the Big Brother 2010 house.

The HG’s were put up on surfboards, where they had to balance themselves while being pelted with periodic sprays of icy cold water on the jiggling boards.

Disappointingly, several people fell quickly, and it turned into a three man fight.

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Andrew, Matt and Ragan were the only ones who really made this feel like a competition. For a time, Andrew looked like he might win this, but from the beginning, Matt looked the most comfortable.

Andrew finally lost the fight and fell, and it then there were two..

Ragan and Matt began wheeling and dealing almost immediately. Ragan offered to fall, and give the HOH to Matt (who wasn’t going anywhere anyway) as long as he didn’t put up Rachel. Ragan wanted to call the others out to talk about what they were planning. Matt’s primary target (he claimed) was Kathy. I assume that is because she voted to keep Monet.

The really interesting part of this ho-hum Endurance Comp was the Have-have not component. Our have-nots are Brendan, Enzo, Andrew and Ragan. It was not just endurance, but also a psychological game, if you quit, you eat..

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UPDATE:11:45 BBT- Looks like Matt cut a deal with Brenchel and plans to put up Kathy with Andrew as pawn- but will probably backdoor Brendan if he gets the chance. Stay tuned for noms, later today

July 22, 2010

Week Three-Live Show Recap/Eviction,HOH & Endurance Comp! Big Brother 2010**Spoiler**


Week Three Live Show in Big Brother 2010!  SPOILER!  SEE Endurance Comp Pics Below!! I will update periodically.

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Boohoohoo! Watching Britney and Monet crying just makes smile a little bit. It kills me to hear them just absolutely SLAM people, then play the poor pitiful me, party.

Thank the Big Brother GODS, at least half of the terrible two is gone! Who will Britney share her vapid, juvenile insults with?

Wow! That is awesome! Love it that Rachel was the one who LIED about Kristin’s vote? Get your Big Brother 12 game on, Rachel-go girl!M

Vote went as expected:

Everyone except Britney and Kathy voted for Monet to be evicted. I have to say that I admire her for standing by her friend. Decent thing, to give her a sympathy vote..

UPDATE:  After just a few minutes, Kathy, Kristin and Lane are already down. Followed quickly by Hayden and BRitneyBrandon is struggling. Matt looks very comfortable

Brendan and Enzo down!!!

July 22, 2010

The Darker Side [Parker’s Post]#1- Week 2 Big Brother 2010


YO!!! What’s going on people? It’s week 2 in the Big Brother 2010 house! I just want to make it very clear that I am not Janet. My name is Parker, I am her son. Now I, unlike my mother, am not all for the ooey gooey goody two-shoes people. Give me the rotten nasty dirty low-down scoundrels anyday….So in these posts you are gonna see a little bit more of a darker side of the big brother fans. So get ready for the LIES and DECEPTION and sit back and watch those Villains work their magic.

I call this one...his thinking face

So I’m sure you are all wondering, “Well Gee Parker, who are the villains in this house?” Well if you are wondering that…I suggest you go and get those LIVE FEEDS!!! It’s pretty easy to tell who is playin for keeps. First of all I want to give a shout out to Matt…totally playing the sympathy card with that disease thing…what was it called??? And those IDIOTS bought it (nixing Andrew of course)!! I don’t know if you guys knew this or not but in the Big Brother House….sympathy=votes…you aren’t gonna vote out somebody who is just trying to save his wifes leg….HA! Genius. Although he probably shouldn’t have told that many people…rumors spread…I would’ve just told a few simple minded people (hello Ragan and Brachel) and let them tell others…but how could have he known that Andrew was really a doctor….

What's he playing at??

Speaking of Dr. Social Skills…what’s his game? I don’t know if he’s a devious mastermind who is playing the house….or a crazy moron who can’t keep his reactions at bay…I am of course talking about when he freaked out that Rachel won HOH…who ever said he was safe? There is no alliance there that I know of…Yet he did offer himself as a pawn…and even though Rachel chose Matt over him…That could be good in his long game…I don’t know about him yet…

I also want to address the showmances…all I can say about Brendan and Rachel is GROSS….They have known each other a total of 2 weeks and they are already rounding 3rd base…ugh…It would be better for their game if they were doing a little more strategizing and a little less fondling….Also Brendan is a wuss….I’m not going to comment on Kristen and Hayden because I honestly forget they are actually in the game….that could be good or bad…haven’t decided yet…

Hey Brendan...your ovaries are showing...

Go Team Villain!

Also…Monet is leaving…and good riddance…crybaby..also what kind of name is Monet?

lets cry some more shall we?

July 22, 2010

LIVE EVICTION SHOW tonight- Week 2- Big Brother 2010-Endurance Comp!


Quick view of pre-show HG’s

Brit and Rachel discuss her boobs- which are, just, OUT there tonight

Tonight is the Big Brother 2010 Week 2 Live Eviction Show.

We made it through the second week, and there has been drama a-plenty.

We had our first couple of big-time blowups and (ta-da) our first House Meeting/Callout.

It certainly has not been boring.

BIG NEWS!! Info from the LIVE FEEDS, is that we are going to have a……wait for it……..Endurance Comp tonight!! (and btw- it’s my birthday as well.. so what a great present!)

Image from the BY-

Getting set up for endurance comp?

The HG’s have been on Indoor lockdown since noon yesterday. That usually indicates a big endurance comp. Brew a pot of coffee, and get ready.

Last night, on the CBS show, I was thrown for a loop. Who knew? Matt LIED to the house about his wife’s disease??  wow.. I haven’t seen anything that low, since Johnny Fairplay lied about his dead grandmother on Survivor. That changed my view of Matt forever.

Matt plays it dirty

It was hilarious that Andrew (hello.. a DOCTOR, not a shoe salesman) saw through it. That is going to bite Matt in the a$$ later. Why do that? Really.. His poor wife. Doesn’t he know about Karma?

Tonight we will see either him or Monet go home. I would imagine that we will have an 8-0 vote, unless Monet gets a sympathy vote or two.

The BIG NEWS, of course, is the upcoming Endurance Comp tonight!!

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What do you guys think of Matt’s deception? Game play or just ugly??

Will the two showmances continue? Will the lies keep flying?? Stay tuned.. For these are the days of the Big Brother Life..

July 21, 2010

Game on! First big House Confrontation Meeting Big Brother 2010*Spoiler*


Game on!  We have had our first big house meeting and Big Brother 2010 House meeting confrontation!

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Rachel’s nominations have caused big time drama in the house last night, as things came to light.

Rachel and Brendan are all about “getting thing out into the open”.

With Britney’s revelation to Rachel last night, that Matt acted like he was mad at being put up, Rachel decided to call the first big house meeting to confront Matt.

Big house confrontation

Rachel and Brendan asked Matt if it was true that he was telling the house that he was angry at Brenchel for putting him up. Matt defended himself by saying he felt bullied to vote how they wanted him to, so he volunteered instead to go up.

Britney tried to back off from the things she was saying to Rachel. Rachel kept trying to get her to reiterate the things she told them.

Matt continually defended himself, Rachel accused, and it went around in circles.

No one but Matt, Britney, and BRenchel said a word. Brendan got angry and called Matt “Ronnie” several times, accusing him of playing both sides of the house.

Afterward. Britney completely backpedaled to Matt, saying that she was the one who got dragged into all of this. (lie)

Rachel told Kristen and Kathy that Matt was the one who said that Kristin was going to change her vote.

Matt went up to HOH later to talk to Rachel (only) and told her that it was not personal, but that of course, he was after Brenchel, because they were a power couple and that everyone would be after them. (duh)

Matt explains himself

Later- the HG’s settled down, and Kristin and Matt both got tipsy..

My evaluation of this, is that yes, Matt was playing both sides, he got caught, he acquitted himself pretty well, and most of this was caused by Britney’s exaggerations.

YAYAYAYAY! And the drama continues……

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