July 11, 2012

Last Day for Early Bird Sale on LIVE FEEDS and an EVEL Video **Updated**


Well here we are, Big Brother 14 Fans… This is it.. ONE MORE DAY till our lives are forever altered. One more day until the people in the Big Brother House become a HUGE part of our daily lives; their names forever entered into our Big Brother vocabulary.

Last day until premiere also means it’s your last opportunity to get the Early Bird sale price for your Live Feeds. Starting tonight that price jumps back up to the regular, higher price so get yours now and save some cash.

Early Bird Live Feed Discount

Remember back to the days before Jeff and Jordan weren’t household names? Remember what life was like before you’d ever heard the name Evel Dick? Yeah, neither do I… But that’s where we stand.. On the precipice of a whole new Big Brother generation… a NON-Rachel generation. (Been a while since THAT’s happened in the BB world, hasn’t it?)

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July 11, 2012

Big Brother 14 LIVE FEED Leak!! *Spoiler Alert*


Wowzers! IT’s really happening, guys! We have our first Big Brother 14 LIVE FEED LEAK!!

We know who the MENTOR’s are–possible Have-Nots and we can even deduce who MIGHT be on what team!! WOOHOO! God love the intern that let this slip!

And don’t forget about our HUGE CONTEST!!!!  You still have time to enter! Just CLICK here for all the official RULES and REGS! 

WARNING! If you don’t want to know any SPOILERS before the premiere tomorrow night at 9/8 Central— stop reading here!!

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July 10, 2012

Big Brother 14 Worst Nightmares plus Beefcake to Hottie Ratio


Whose legs are behind the beach towel?

Oh boy- do the Big Brother 14 Newbies have a big punch in the schnoz coming their way..

In several interviews throughout the pre-season process, when asked about their worst nightmare in the Big Brother 2012 house, nearly every one of the new HG’s said the same thing…
Check out the Video below:

That’s right..
The ONE fear they all had in common was returning Houseguests popping into to funk up their gameplan. And I cannot WAIT to see their bright, shining faces when they make that announcement on premiere night. Of course, the first thing any HG who calls himself a BB fan should do– is take a head-count. Once you see that there are only 12 of you…I mean, come on.. at that point you gotta know what’s coming. It shouldn’t take a brain like Ian’s to figure it out..

And speaking of being a Big Brother fan–I noticed something in the SUPERPASS HG Interviews, that was a welcome surprise. In the incoming crop of newbies, there seems to be a higher ratio of actual Big Brother fans to non-fans this year. In the past–after the first couple of seasons–the producers generally filled the house with Big Brother devotees–true fans–who’s goal was to brain their way through, guaranteeing us thrilling and intense seasons. It was a thing of glory– watching a house full of fan-based Houseguests that made the first eight season SOOOOOO much better than the last 5. If you haven’t noticed, in these most recent seasons, though the people may be getting prettier, they are also MUCH less knowledgeable about the game. In fact a large population of the last five seasons were “recruited” for their looks from pretty-people websites, and didn’t even watch the game prior to being picked.
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July 8, 2012

HG’s in the Big Brother 14 House- PHOTOS and BIG Contest Giveaway!


Big Brother 14 UPDATE Below- read what Jun-Winner of BB4-says about the Newbies. 

We’re sitting in the quiet before Hurricane BB14 hits, folks.

That mellow time when we get in all of our out-of-door activities (if it’s not a gazillion degrees outside) and enjoy friends and family….
Cause once July 12th at 9/8Central hits, all us BB14 superfans go into Big Brother hibernation mode and don’t come out till September…mole-like…pale and squinting.


For all of you who sign up for your LIVE FEEDS on Bigbigbrother.com  can enter for a chance to win an ‘I Love Big Brother coffee mug!!’

PLUS!!  ONE lucky GRAND PRIZE winner will also receive an Amazon gift Card worth $30 bucks!! (Psst– if you’re counting, THAT would take care of your entire BB LIVE FEED season!!)


To win… All you have to do is:

A) Sign up for the LIVE FEEDS with us– www.bigbigbrother.com (if you already have- no problem, just continue to steps B and C)

B) Post on either your Facebook or Twitter–saying u signed up for your live feeds at BigBigbrother.com. You can even mention how we’re your fave Big Brother Fan Site, if you love us as much as we love u!! 

C) Copy and paste that link back into the comments below.

D)  We will have a random drawing on July 20th for THREE lucky winners!!

YAY!! Good luck!!

To copy the specific FB or Twitter message, once you post,  just click on the “time published” and it will take you to the specific message. Then cut and paste that link into the Comment section on this page.  For Twitter- please include the #BB14 Hashtag!

Now- on to the show….

UPDATE!!  Thought this ball-ripping (erp–I mean analysis)  of the HG’s by BB4 winner Jun Song was AWESOME! 

Check it out:  JUN Rips on the Newbies. 

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July 7, 2012

Live Feed Early Bird Discount Expires In Days


Big Brother Live Feeds sale

As Big Brother 14 approaches the excitement builds for a new season, but it’s also the end of your opportunity to score the best pricing on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

The Big Brother Early Bird sale arrives each preseason and then turns in to a pumpkin the night before the season premiere arrives. That means this Wednesday is the final day to get the sale price before it expires and the price goes up 33%.

What’s so great about the Big Brother Early Bird discount? You get a 3-month access pass to the Live Feeds’ in-house cameras plus free mobile access and $30 worth of mp3 downloads all for only $29.99. Last season you would have had to pay up to $49.99 for all that, but this year they’re rocking the best deal we’ve seen yet.

If you wait until the season begins you’ll be paying more for that 3-month pass. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up now and be ready for Big Brother on Thursday!

Early Bird Live Feed Discount

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