April 26, 2012

Big Brother 14 Premiere Date!


Great news for all us Big Brother 14 Fans!

The Premiere Date for our favorite Backstabbing, Conniving, Strategizing show is set!

Big Brother 14 Premieres {{drumroll, please}}

JULY 12th 9/8c!! WOOT!

Soon, we’ll get to witness the depths that ordinary people will stoop to win a half-million dollars. Are you rubbing your hands together in glee??
About 10pm PT- 1am ET the (wait for it….) LIVE FEEDS will come online and THEN we’ll get the REAL scoop! AS you know, the first episode is taped several days before the Premiere– and it’s not until we view those glorious FEEDS that we get to see the REAL scoop of what’s happening inside the BB house!

Ooo! Did you just get a chill?


That’s right, folks! The Big Brother 14 Premiere date is set. The cast is being selected. And the house is getting stocked with tons of slop!
How low will people go this BB14 Season? Will we get another strategic genius like Dan? Another Diabolical Female like the loathsome Natalie? Will new heroes emerge–a la Jeff and Jordan–that make our hearts melt?

Stay Tuned! Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, while we keep you up to date on all the innermost working of the House of Lies!

SPEAK OUT! Comment below and Vote! If you HAD to choose one–Which kind of BB14 HG would you want to see!

April 17, 2012

Are you Jonesing for your Big Brother 14? Try out for the Cast!


Oh boy..Oh boy.. Oh BOY!! Big Brother 14 is getting Nearer Every Day!

With only three more weeks of Casting, we are just steaming right along, and I don’t know about you guys– but around this time every year, I start feeling that  tingle.

That little vibration deep inside that (Wait! not THAT kind of vibration! Sheesh- I can hear those dirty thoughts from here.) What I meant was—The birds are singing. The skies are blue. The earth is releasing her glories into the balmy air … And that can only mean one thing…. Big Brother 14 is not far away!!

Ahh..Summer… When the surf pounds, the Coppertone flows, and Big Brother reigns supreme!

If you’re planning to attend one of the casting events…or are just a Big Brother 14 fan, then come hang out with us— We’ll keep you up-to-date on all the pre-season news. PLUS, once the show begins…. Bigbigbrother has all your BB 2012 needs. We’ll take you deep inside the Big Brother house- and make certain that you don’t miss anything!

Join us on Facebook or Twitter and please Comment or hang out on our Outrageous (and sometimes, during endurance comps, all-night) chats!

If you’ve already tried out– let us know how it went. And if you’re preparing to go for it…Give us a shout, and we’ll boost up your courage.

For the first time ever, people can send in thier auditions electronically, instead of mailing in- or attending one of the live auditions.

At the bottom is a list of upcoming places and dates for BB14 Casting.

But first.. here is Casting Director extraordinaire— Robyn Kass– on how to stand out from the crowd- and become the next contestant on


Robyn, take it away–

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April 2, 2012

Time for Big Brother 14 Casting


It’s that time of year again, folks. Time for Big Brother 14 casting!

If you’ve watched Big Brother for years, sitting back in your lay-z-boy, thinking…hmm… I could totally do that. Now is your time!

Big Brother is looking for unique, out-going individuals for *drum-roll please* Big Brother 14!

click here to apply for BB14

Now, I enjoy eye-candy as much as the next gal. But I hope the producers will listen to the fans this year and give us some big ole brains to go along with the inevitable muscles and boobs.

So–If you’re sharp, savvy and downright ready to slice through the house a la Dan Gheesling.. Go for it! And all the rest of us will be hanging out here on  Bigbigbrother rooting you on!

March 7, 2012

Preseason Big Brother 14: Casting News


We’ve got preseason Big Brother 14 casting news for you houseguest hopefuls! CBS has opened up a new portal for getting your foot in the door, pun intended. In the past you’ve had to fill out a huge paper application, record a video to DVD, and then mail the whole thing in while hoping it doesn’t get lost in the mail. No more of that.

Recently we’ve learned that Big Brother season 14 will offer a whole new application method. You’ll be able to visit the CBS website: bigbrothercasting.tv and apply there with a short (very, very short) form and then upload your brief intro video. If the casting directors like what they see and read then they’ll get in touch with you.

Of course the website way won’t be everyone’s preferred method, so for those preferring the analog world, you can skip the online application and attend an in-person live audition event. No details yet on when those will appear, but you’ll hear about it when they’re announced. Good luck to all applicants!

Source: Big Brother 14

October 19, 2011

Big Brother 14 Application – 2012 Casting


Think you’ve got what it takes to be the winner of Big Brother 14 then get ready to audition and grab your application! CBS has already renewed Big Brother for its 2012 season so you’ll have another chance to bring home some major prize money.

Auditions should start being announced in early 2012, but for now you can start preparing yourself by watching last season to see what worked and what got HGs evicted! Hint: don’t randomly turn on your own alliance and get everyone evicted.

Keep checking back for more details and we’ll post the news as its released.


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