July 22, 2010

LIVE EVICTION SHOW tonight- Week 2- Big Brother 2010-Endurance Comp!


Quick view of pre-show HG’s

Brit and Rachel discuss her boobs- which are, just, OUT there tonight

Tonight is the Big Brother 2010 Week 2 Live Eviction Show.

We made it through the second week, and there has been drama a-plenty.

We had our first couple of big-time blowups and (ta-da) our first House Meeting/Callout.

It certainly has not been boring.

BIG NEWS!! Info from the LIVE FEEDS, is that we are going to have a……wait for it……..Endurance Comp tonight!! (and btw- it’s my birthday as well.. so what a great present!)

Image from the BY-

Getting set up for endurance comp?

The HG’s have been on Indoor lockdown since noon yesterday. That usually indicates a big endurance comp. Brew a pot of coffee, and get ready.

Last night, on the CBS show, I was thrown for a loop. Who knew? Matt LIED to the house about his wife’s disease??  wow.. I haven’t seen anything that low, since Johnny Fairplay lied about his dead grandmother on Survivor. That changed my view of Matt forever.

Matt plays it dirty

It was hilarious that Andrew (hello.. a DOCTOR, not a shoe salesman) saw through it. That is going to bite Matt in the a$$ later. Why do that? Really.. His poor wife. Doesn’t he know about Karma?

Tonight we will see either him or Monet go home. I would imagine that we will have an 8-0 vote, unless Monet gets a sympathy vote or two.

The BIG NEWS, of course, is the upcoming Endurance Comp tonight!!

Sign up, Sign up, Sign up!!  This is the number one, best feature of the LIVE FEEDS!  Only on the Live Feeds, do you get to watch the Endurance Comp played out in real time.  It is some of the best footage on Big Brother. I have sat up and watched a marathon of wheelin’,dealin’, double-crossin’– you name it!!

What do you guys think of Matt’s deception? Game play or just ugly??

Will the two showmances continue? Will the lies keep flying?? Stay tuned.. For these are the days of the Big Brother Life..

July 21, 2010

Game on! First big House Confrontation Meeting Big Brother 2010*Spoiler*


Game on!  We have had our first big house meeting and Big Brother 2010 House meeting confrontation!

YAY!! If you missed it- Try the LIVE FEEDS for FREE and Flashback to this crazy stuff!

Rachel’s nominations have caused big time drama in the house last night, as things came to light.

Rachel and Brendan are all about “getting thing out into the open”.

With Britney’s revelation to Rachel last night, that Matt acted like he was mad at being put up, Rachel decided to call the first big house meeting to confront Matt.

Big house confrontation

Rachel and Brendan asked Matt if it was true that he was telling the house that he was angry at Brenchel for putting him up. Matt defended himself by saying he felt bullied to vote how they wanted him to, so he volunteered instead to go up.

Britney tried to back off from the things she was saying to Rachel. Rachel kept trying to get her to reiterate the things she told them.

Matt continually defended himself, Rachel accused, and it went around in circles.

No one but Matt, Britney, and BRenchel said a word. Brendan got angry and called Matt “Ronnie” several times, accusing him of playing both sides of the house.

Afterward. Britney completely backpedaled to Matt, saying that she was the one who got dragged into all of this. (lie)

Rachel told Kristen and Kathy that Matt was the one who said that Kristin was going to change her vote.

Matt went up to HOH later to talk to Rachel (only) and told her that it was not personal, but that of course, he was after Brenchel, because they were a power couple and that everyone would be after them. (duh)

Matt explains himself

Later- the HG’s settled down, and Kristin and Matt both got tipsy..

My evaluation of this, is that yes, Matt was playing both sides, he got caught, he acquitted himself pretty well, and most of this was caused by Britney’s exaggerations.

YAYAYAYAY! And the drama continues……

Don’t you wish you had your FREE TRIAL of the LIVE FEEDS? Sign up here, and you can use the Flashback and see the whole thing!!

July 20, 2010

Big Backyard Blowup!! Big Brother 2010–Spoiler!


After a mostly quiet day in the Big Brother 2010 House, we have finally had us a big old-fashioned backyard blowout!

NEW-UPDATE–More BIGTIME drama brewing at 6:15 pm BBT- Matt going to be caught double dealing. See below.


If you don’t have the LIVE FEEDS, you can try them for free and use Flashback to see this crazy blowout!

Apparently, someone is stirring up the poo in the Big Brother 12 house. A mysterious “someone” went to Rachel and told her that they heard that Kristin was going to flip her vote. Then Britney asked Kathy if she was the one that told Rachel that. Kathy got angry that it was being said about her, and she want to Rachel to assure her that she did not say that.

Rachel decided that it was time to confront that rumor. Rachel went out into the BY where a large group was gathered, and told Brit and Monet that she heard that all this was going on. She wanted it made clear that she wanted Monet out because

A) She won the 1o grand.

B)  She had never talked to her the whole game.

Confrontation between Monet and Rachel. Rachel told her that she heard that Monet had accused Rachel of calling her (Mon) a b*tch. Rachel “I don’t even use that derogatory term” at which point Monet said she was going to walk away- and Rachel “should be glad she was.”

Then Monet went inside and poured the whole story out to Matt and Ragan.

Meanwhile, Kathy went off on Brit for basically accusing her of starting the stuff.. and also told her she was tired of all the childish BS.

Brit started bawling. and it all went on for quite a while. She is feeling very put upon, which is funny, considering the horrific things she and Monet have been saying about Rachel and Kristin.

It was AWESOME! This is  a perfect time to sign up for your free trial of the LIVE FEEDS! You can try it for free, and use the Flashback feature to watch the whole thing go down.

The blowups are just starting, people! We have only evicted ONE person!!

Told you!!

Britney has gone up to HOH, and then the hammock- to spill the beans on Matt. Brit told Rachel that Matt has been telling everyone that he is MAD at Brenchel for putting him up and that he was coming after them.

They were shocked,but not as shocked as Brit was when Rachel told her that Matt had volunteered to be the pawn.  

Brenchel and Brit share Matt stories

Matt knows something is up

Matt has been playing really dumb. I don’t understand his motives. In a previous post, I mentioned how bad of a strategy his ‘paranoia’ strategy was.  He is really hurting his game, he is telling too many different stories to too many people.

Britney is playing this beautifully. You have to give her that. She may have just given Monet a chance..Brit will never be able to hold this in. This is all going to come out…

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July 20, 2010

Campaign Day begins in Big Brother 2010


The Campaigning begins in Big Brother 2010.

The next couple of days is always the hardest for the HG’s. No competitions, nothing to do. This is when they start losing it for real.
With the new nominations now fully in play- what to do, what to do?

If you have not signed up yet for your FREE TRIAL of the 24/7 LIVE FEEDS now is the time!

These are the days when all deals are cut. All the whispering and backstabbing begins..

Stay Tuned! Later today- I’ll do an in depth analysis on who is likely to vote for whom??

Matt’s backroom deal to be put up as a pawn is a little strange.

He claimed that he was going to act paranoid, and that was all part of his strategy, but will it backfire on him?


Monet, and especially Britney will not go down without a fight.

Scheming in the Hot tub

Stay tuned today, as the real machinations begin! What kind of deals will be wrangled? Does Monet have a chance?

Will Krayden or Brenchel “seal the deal” first?  Jump on the LIVE FEEDS and see for yourself!!

night-time lovers


July 19, 2010

Worse than Junior High


My stomach is turning. I literally feel ill. I was pretty sure that Britney and Monet were spoiled little brats, and I thought that they would be nasty and petty, but now they have made me MAD!!

I LOVE Big Brother. and this season, Big  Brother 2010 is the 12th Season! Obviously, they are doing something right. Right?

If you don’t believe how absolutely, absurdly, juvenile these people can be, See for yourself!  Sign up here for the 24/7 LIVE FEEDS to check out how bad it is going to get in the next few days. PLUS.. It is generally believed that this week will be a……..wait for it…..ENDURANCE comp!!! YAY!!

But Monet and Britney think this is the most “stupid” game they have ever seen. Everyone in the house is “stupid”. Slop is “stupid”.  And, of course, everything and everyone “sucks”.  Um…hello… can they at LEAST think up some other derogatory adjectives, please?

I propose a drinking game.  Everytime one of them said “stupid” take a sip!

These two “ladies” went off in a rant about Kristin and Rachel’s va-ja-jay’s, ok?

They called Kathy the cleaning lady, postulating that she was not a cop at all, but a housekeeper. That Rachel is spreading her legs and STD’s are flying everywhere.

It is usual for people who are down, to talk smack. That is expected, but Good GRIEF! This is worse than Junior High crap!

Let’s at least bring the level of insults up to the High School/Junior college level at the very least. Evel Dick could make your head spin with his insults. They were works of art.

In this post. I will occasionally update with the newest, childish, insults that comes up from these little children.


What do you think?


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