July 24, 2015

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 4 – Shelli’s HoH Photos and Blog (PHOTOS)

We have survived another reign of Shelli Poole as Head of Household on Big Brother 2015, as Week 4 came to an end last night and Audrey Middleton was evicted. While we wait for the nominations and Battle of the Block on Big Brother 17 today, check out Shelli’s HoH photos and blog from last week! Check it out below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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June 24, 2015

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: First HoH Competition Sneak Peek

We are four hours away from the Big Brother 2015 premiere and now it looks like Big Brother host Julie Chen have us a sneak peek of the first Head of Household competition for the new Houseguests on Big Brother 17. You know CBS is going to try to incorporate The Talk into everything, so the sneak peek was done there and you can see the photo below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers for details!

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June 24, 2014

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: First HoH Competition Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

CBS is giving us some huge Big Brother 2014 spoilers before the Big Brother 16 premiere tomorrow night, as they have given us a sneak peek video at the first Head of Household competition of the season and it is an endurance one, but it also looks familiar. What does this mean? Well, we know the first group to move into the Big Brother 2014 house, which means we also know the second group! Check out the details and video below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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September 16, 2012

The results of Part Two of the Final HOH

OK– You ready for it??? Guess who won Part 2 of the the Final Big Brother 14 HOH????? Well it wasn’t “this guy.”

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August 31, 2012

Big Brother 14 Week 8 HOH Winner Subtitle: Easter Eggs *Spoiler* UPDATED

With all the deals cut this past week in Big Brother 14, this HOH was huge! But will any of them mean a thing because… Your winner is….. THAT’s right my dahlings…As per usual in this season, the HOH has turned everything topsy-turvy in the house once again. And with wee Ian in charge- there’s […]

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July 26, 2012

Big Brother 14 Week 3 Elimination and a new HOH

Tonight’s Big Brother 14 eviction and HOH showed once again that this game turns on a dime! We saw Jojo going out as expected.. But the loyal, and down and out Shane reign victorious! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE AMERICA’s CHOICE?  HOW WILL YOU VOTE?? We’ll talk more about the possible ramifications tomorrow!  Though […]

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July 26, 2012

A Twisted Big Brother 14 Eviction Night

As we all know, tonight’s the Big Brother 14 Week 2 eviction night. As we also know, with Danielle and Jojo on the block, it’s more than likely the fiery New Yawker is likely on her way out. Which is a shame, really, since she’s one of the few HG’s that seem to be playing […]

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July 20, 2012

Boogie (oops I mean FRANK) is victorious in Big Brother 14 Week 2 HOH

Things turn on a dime in the Big Brother 14 House. This we know  As you also know, things are never quite what they appear on the network show, either. The interesting thing on the show last night, was Janelle’s complete absence vis-a-vis Coach-gate. The edit made it appear 100% Britney. And yes…she made a […]

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July 19, 2012

Burglery in the Big Brother 14 House! *Spoiler*

The Crime-wave continues in the Big Brother 14 House!   All day yesterday the vote-wrangling continued, with Willie now dead-set against his ex-Bromance, Frank. After “Fruit Loop-Gate yesterday, (this in reference to Willie’s angry tirade in which he told Frank he refused to be uncomfortable, and that he was going to come outside and eat his ‘Gotdang’ […]

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July 28, 2011

Big Brother 2011 HOH Comp!! SPOILERS

The Big Brother 2011 HOH comp is happening as we speak on the LIVE FEEDS! If you don’t have them.. Sign up HERE for a FREE PEEK.. I guarantee.. Once you get the taste, you won’t be able to stop! As of now.. 7:30 pm (BBT) They HG’s who have dropped are: 1) Lawon-Have Not […]

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