October 9, 2016

Big Brother Over the Top. Spoilers: Week 2 Safety Ceremony Results Part 2

Alex Willett won the second Big Brother Over the Top head of household competition. Immediately, she had targets in mind. They were Danielle Lickey and Shane Chapman. The beginning of this Big Brother Over the Top week started bumpy. We had players using all their energy to target Scott Dennis. Kryssie Ridolfi, Danielle, and Shane […]

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October 8, 2016

Big Brother Over the Top. Spoilers: Week 2 Safety Ceremony Results Part 1

We have already experienced an intense second week of Big Brother Over the Top. We started the week with a mighty battle to see which side took the control. The Plastics (and Monte Massongill) or Monte and the Pythons, as they’re jokingly called, once again gained the power in the Big Brother Over the Top […]

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September 10, 2012

Big Brother 14 Week 9 VETO Meeting Results.

Sigh– Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.. Ian– do you NOT want to win Big Brother 14 or what?? It was his last shot to do something really big in the game and what did he do? He put Danielle up and now they’ll vote out the big, bad threat Jenn. Guys– what do you think? Shouldn’t they […]

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July 23, 2012

The Belle or the Bruiser? VETO RESULTS are IN for Big Brother 14 Week 2

The VETO MEETING just took place in the Big Brother 14 House, and…not being a complete idiot…Shane used it to save himself. As expected, Frank (and by extension Boogie) did NOT go out on  a limb. Did not decide to throw out that surprise left hook at Janelle’s team.  Nope, Team Boogie chose to take the easy […]

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July 16, 2012

Bubble Bath, Date Night, and Flip-Flopping in the Big Brother 14 House *Spoiler*

This first week in the Big Brother 14 house is particularly unusual. Normally the first week is a gimme. The weird or crazy, the irritating or abrasive are ousted, with no skin off the first HOH’s nose. But this is a new house, and the first week’s eviction could be pivotal to the rest of the […]

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July 15, 2012

Saturday-Week One in the Big Brother 14 House *Spoiler-Update*

Big Brother 14 UPDATE:  As expected, Shane did NOT use the POV. Now- Kara and Frank have four days to garner votes. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.  It was a night of fun, fellowship and secret scheming in the  Big Brother 14  house last night. Just another day in paradise. But how […]

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July 14, 2012

The Big Brother 14 ‘Branelle’ Alliance Grows in Power *Spoiler*

Well, we learned one thing for sure on the  Big Brother 14 Feeds last night. The ‘Branelle’ alliance is growing in power. The blonde bombshells are tightening  the noose around Dan’s team, and plotting the utter annihilation of Boogie’s.

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September 15, 2011

And the Winner of Big Brother 2011 Is….

WOW! Talk about an edge-of-your-seat finish to our Big Brother 2011 season. Last night was all that was good about this show. Human beings. *head shake* They always surprise you. Whodathunk Shelly, of all people, would be the deciding vote? I’d had a bad feeling in my gut all day that somehow Porshe would pull […]

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September 13, 2011

Last minute deals in Big Brother 2011

As you can imagine, with the trio left in the Big Brother 2011 house, there’s not a whole hell of a lot to report. Do me a favor.. Just for a second, close your eyes and imagine how different it would be if our Final Three was say… Jeff, Dani and Brendon. OK- You can […]

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September 8, 2011

The End of Jorchel in Big Brother 2011

So… I guess being the self-proclaimed “pretty one” really does pay off in Big Brother 2011. Porshe isn’t the first person to “sleep her way to the top,” but she might be the first BB HG to preen and simper her way to the Final Three, while never leaving a horizontal position. Though now that […]

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